Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

I’ve been in many different doctor’s offices and been treated like a patient. I walked into Chenango Speech and Hearing and I was treated like a person. Rebecca greeted me and made me feel very welcome. I had a lot of insurance questions and she was very helpful and patient with me. She made sure that I got the answers I was looking for and continued to work with my insurance, making sure I got the most out of my benefit.

Brenda R.

I am very happy with my new hearing aid. I am hearing things now that I haven’t heard in a long, long time! I highly recommend this place to anyone that is having trouble hearing!

Shirley C.

I want to let you know pleased I am with my hearing aids. I have been wearing them for a month and I feel as though I have a fresh outlook on daily living. I put them in when I get up in the morning wear them continuously until I go to bed. I am hearing things I haven’t heard in years. Yes, there are some inconveniences such as hearing the refrigerator running in the next room. However, the advantages are far more than the minor inconveniences. My wife can’t believe how low I have the volume on the tv or radio. In fact, sometimes she even asks me to turn them up so she can hear them too.

Overall I couldn’t be more pleased. The service you have provided has made the transition to wearing them an easy process. Thanks for all your support.

Bruce Hughes

Elmira, NY

Bob Formoso was very thorough and professional in his examination of our hearing problems. He took his time during the tests and often asked about our comfort during and after our fitting.

Thomas M Klucher

Medina, OH

The best thing I’ve ever done for myself was buy a hearing aid.

Antoinette Guarino

Middletown, NJ

Nice to be addressed by name.
Hello Sheila and how are you today?
Nice to have someone work within my budget for new devices.

Sheila D.

Spring City, PA

I have been impressed with your office. Almost never have to wait and you go out of your way to make things right. Better hearing keeps people from thinking I’m not paying attention when I ask them to repeat. And I would definitely refer someone to your office.

Andrew W.

I have been wearing hearing aids for 13 years, but only in the last two have I been under the care of Advanced Hearing Care where I purchased my current in-the-canal hearing aids. Compared to my previous provider, I have been extremely impressed not only with the care associated with my initial purchase but with the meticulous follow-up I have received, so different from my previous experience. Thanks to their follow-up I was able to have an aid replaced under warranty because it was not functioning up to their standards, even though I was not able to notice a significant difference. This is just an example of what I consider to be optimal follow-up. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Joan D’Alessandro and Advanced Hearing Care to a friend or relative. I now know what it feels like to receive continuous superb care.

Bernard Greenberg MD

I’m so glad I found you – The staff is friendly, informative and competent. I was very comfortable from my initial phone call and through the entire process. All problems are quickly addressed.

Jane Keil

Newtown Square, PA

Our experience at your office was very positive and helpful. With my nw hearing aids I can be selective in how I hear. Very helpful. I would absolutely refer someone to your office because the attention to detail that they would receive would be most beneficial.

Vincent D.


Jewell S.

Paoli, PA

Not only did you surpass our customer service expectations during our unscheduled stop-in visit after working hours on September 26, you have, with this confirmation email, set new standards of service and communication that have knocked us both off our feet!

Thank you for inquiring and finding out this information regarding her utilization/coverage that neither Joan nor I was aware of.


After three unsatisfactory consultations with audiologists, I was referred to Dr. Joan seven years ago. The patience & kindness of Dr. Joan & her staff know no bounds. They work with me tirelessly to ensure that my hearing needs are met. Indeed, without hesitation I recommend that this audiology office is the one to go to for the best audiology care.

Geraldine McDowell

Each visit has been pleasant and very professional; instilling great confidence in the patient.

Tom A.

Malvern, PA

YES!! It is so rewarding to be able to follow a conversation when I’m in a group situation and also not to keep asking someone to repeat themselves. Definite improved quality of life.

Jane K.

Newtown Square, PA

I found it to be a pleasant experience throughout. Easily accessible for me. I’m handicapped. They were polite, helpful and knowledgeable.

Lawrence C.

Royersford, PA

Bob Formoso is very caring and thorough in his exams.

Mauren Klucher

Medina, OH

I recommend Dr. Kelly Flaherty in the highest possible terms. She has guided me through the process of purchasing and adapting to my new hearing aids.
When you realize that your hearing is impaired, it is quite disturbing. I felt so much better after I met Dr. Flaherty, her staff, and her associates at Advanced Hearing. I liked the way they helped me through the process step by step. I always felt I was in charge, and they wanted to provide me with just exactly the service and the technology that would serve me best and that would be in line with my budget. They told me in advance all along what to expect.
I have been using my hearing aids for almost three months now. Having them has been a great help in social situations.

Bertie Bonner

Very well taken care of……

Mary M.

Exton PA

I wouldn’t be able to do my job without them.

Dominica C.

Collegeville, PA

I now can enjoy movies, theater and dinner conversation…..

Bernard G.

Westchester, P

OMG! No move volume increase – no more family screaming at me – No more “Say Again”

Sheila D

Spring City, PA

Very caring attitude. Very patient.

Marjorie S.

Norristown, PA

>With my severe loss, my aids have made it possible to continue to run my own business. I would be totally lost and isolated without them.

Tom A.

Malvern, PA

At this point, if it wasn’t for my hearing aids I wouldn’t be hearing anything.

>Minerva S.

Douglassville, PA

I am very happy with my new hearing aids. I have been to other places before, but these are better hearing aids. I can hear in church and when playing cards with my family. I would recommend Chenango Speech and Hearing for your hearing aids!

June R.

I would refer your office to anyone, without reservation.

Lawrence C.

Royersford, PA

These hearing aids, have changed my life. I can understand speech better and hold a conversation. The volume of the TV is 1/2 the volume ad best of all I can sit down with my grandchildren and hear them now.

James C.

My wife no longer has to repeat herself. She sounds much clearer (don’t know if that’s good or bad). TV is again enjoyable and phone as well.

Lawrence C.

Royersford, PA

My wife no longer has to repeat herself. She sounds much clearer (don’t know if that’s good or bad). TV is again enjoyable and phone as well.

Lawrence C.

Royersford, PA

What a difference from my old hearing aids. I hear better on the phone and hear the conversations clearly now. I no longer give the wrong answer when I’m spoken to.

Jean K.

I love the comfort of my new hearing aids. I forget that I even have them in. With the wireless Range system, I can hear the TV throughout the house. Most of all I love the service that the staff provides me.

Laverne K.

Both Jennifer Sherrod, the patient care coordinator, and Dr. Alissa Hench, the audiologist are true representatives of what patient care and excellence are all about. Anyone in the medical field should ascribe to the values and customer service that both of these professionals exhibit. Between the personal greeting and comfort given upon arrival and departure to the in depth analysis, interpretation, and instructions given as a result of the examination, this by far was the most remarkable patient/office/doctor experience. 5 stars +

Stuart C.

My impressions of EAR were; each of you is doing work you enjoy (helping others) with products you believe in, and with people you like (your co-workers). What more could anyone wish for, whether employee or customer? Thank you for all of your kindness.


A most pleasant informative and interesting experience- (Baseline testing w/ Dr. Hench). Office staff Jennifer, could not have been more warm and welcoming. Made me feel very comfortable. Ambience of office lovely.

Adina G.

The staff worked very hard to make sure that I had the right hearing device. They were very patient with me, making sure that the voices were adjusted just right. I am very happy with the TV device. I makes watching TV so much more enjoyable.

Mary G.

No-one wants to be told that they need hearing aids, but the professionalism of everyone in the practice made for a very gentle landing. After a long period of my wife encouraging me to have a hearing test, I finally had it done. Then EAR fit my schedule and fitted me with two wonderful devices. As I am typing this, I am able to hear the clicks of the keyboard that I had never noticed before. I can hear activity in the downstairs kitchen while I am in the den. I’m able to lower the volume of the sports babble on the radio to a point where it is not disturbing the family – kind of like a private broadcast. Yesterday, while driving, I heard an approaching ambulance before my wife did. She didn’t get to say, “van you hear that ambulance?” I can not imagine a better place to go for hearing help than Enhanced Auditory Resources. Five stars squared!

Tom S.

I am 65 years old and have recently purchased my 2nd set of hearing aids. I was looking for a set with the latest advances in hearing and ones that would be compatible with my iPhone. I was having trouble hearing the television, my grandchildren, and conversations in noisy environments. After much research and trials I narrowed it down to 2 brands which scored the highest and came recommended. Lutz Hearing is the dealer for Starkey and were great in letting me test several levels of the iPad controlled hearing aids. I purchased the top of the line HALO i110. They helped me hear sounds I haven’t heard in years. I can adjust volume, channels as well as bass/treble for any environment. When paired with my iPhone I hear my phone conversations directly in my hearing aids. Lutz also services and guarantees them and have been great in getting me up to speed with the new technology. Great people!

Dave DeMorrow

Ludington, MI

I am very pleased with the service I received at Lutz Hearing Office. They women were extremely helpful. My hearing aids are great! I strongly recommend the SurfLink Media for the TV! I can hear what is being said on TV like it’s surround sound. Prior to receiving these hearing aids, I could only hear bits and pieces of conversation. Now I can hear most of it. The best thing of all, is that I can hear my grandchildren’s voices. I couldn’t hardly hear them at all before I got my new hearing aids. The people here work very hard to make sure I understood everything they were showing me. On a scale of 1 – 10 they rate a 10 for sure!

Rick Boerema

Ludington, MI

In the course of the audio testing, with your demonstrated expertise in administering the tests, and your explanations of the results, and answering my dozen’s of questions very professionally, with no nonsense, I was blown away. The generous TIME you spent with me was very impressive.
To go further in my sincere praise, you actually demonstrated a hearing aid specifically programmed for my hearing loss, and it greatly helped my hearing, for sure. My wife was with me, and she was equally impressed.
To add to my pleasant surprise, since my one ear is virtually deaf, you introduced me to wire free “crossover” that allows me to hear in the better ear-getting input from my bad-ear side. Amazing. Along with that, you offered an option of a small hand held “speaker” which transmits to the good ear!
In conclusion, thanks again for your very professional service, and since my 83 year old hearing can be so drastically improved with your modern state of the art technology, I will recommend your office to all I run into who have hearing loss, young and old.

Alan Roggenbaum

Vestal, NY

I would like to thank Richard Jemal and American Hearing Centers. My whole world changed because of him. If you think you have a hearing problem the odds are you do. For years I was in denial. Everyone kept telling me to get hearing aids. I didn’t think I needed them. I finally got them in October. It is wonderful when you can participate because you can hear. All I can say is thank you again.

Ruth Tallury

Middletown, NJ

A major purchase like hearing aids should always be done in person. A local sales/service center staffed key knowledge professionals the best way to secure great products and services before and after the sale. Hearing Health USA and in this case, Starkey Hearing Aids, were my choice after investigating other companies in the area. Since my purchase my confidence has been confirmed.

John A. Mosier

Ashtabula, OH

I have been to other audiologists which gave only temporary help. Vista has enabled me to hear better than I previously had. Thanks to the patience and knowledge of Portia.

Jack E. Baker

Ashtabula, OH

Hearing Aids work so much better, especially in noise. The others never took time. I get good service at Vista.

Ray Sillanpaa

Ashtabula, OH

Portia A. Wolfe who is Board Certified in hearing instrument science is the most helpful of any hearing service person I have ever been to. She will see me if I have a problem even without an appointment. She knows exactly what the problem is and very pleasantly fixes it and she always greets me with a smile. In fact I feel that she has become my friend.

Joanne D’Abate

Mentor, OH

I would’ve never been able to hear TV without the Starkey Surflink Media. It’s like a lifeline!

Ruth Warwick

Middletown, NJ

I am very satisfied with the service I received at Vista Hearing. I had my hearing aid repaired and the staff kept me current on the progress of the repair and delivery. I received my aid sooner than expected. I always have a pleasant experience talking on the phone with them and while being seen in the office.

Mary C.

Parma, OH

I just cannot say enough good things about Susan, the Hearing Aid Specialist and her Administrative Assistant, Kathy at Vista Hearing. They both have excellent customer service skills and are very compassionate and understanding along with the upmost professionalism. My calls are always answered promptly and they are so pleasant to speak with you feel like you have known them forever. I highly recommend Vista Hearing for all your hearing needs and would refer anyone I know to them with the highest of confidence.

Ellen W.

Parma, OH

My experience with Vista has always been very good. If I were to have a problem, Susan always took care of it immediately. She is very personable and always makes me feel welcome.

Donald P.

Ashtabula, OH

I heard about Vista through word of mouth of another satisfied patient. He felt very comfortable here, and absolutely loves his hearing aids. He says his experience here at Vista was excellent. He enjoys coming to the office, and has no complaints about the service or the hearing aids.

Ralph M.

Ashtabula, Ohio

I’ve been dealing with Vista Instruments and Audiology for 14 years. Both my wife and I have bought hearing aids from Vista and it is a positive experience. The newest pair I have now are so comfortable, I don’t notice them at all. Vista has always taken very good care of helping me care for my aids. Service is always at my convenience and on time. I do recommend Vista for anybody who has a hearing problem.


Madison, OH

I knew I was losing my hearing slowly because I was having to ask people to repeat as sound were missing. When that happens, it is time to start thinking about hearing aids.I had to go to two other companies before I found Vista. I am very satisfied with my Vista Hearing Aids. Vista provides me with excellent service and fair treatment.


Perry, OH

I am very happy with my new hearing aids from Vista. Now I can actively participate in conversations with family and friends. Before getting my aids, I felt left out of their conversations because I just couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Donald H.

Orville, OH

I am quite happy with my aids. They let me stay close to my daughters. My girls live far away, and thanks to my hearing aids, now I am able to understand them on the telephone.

Helen M.

Millersburg, OH

I am very satisfied with the service that Vista has provided me over the years. I am now on my second set of hearing aids from Vista. My new hearing aids sound so much clearer than my old ones, and I really liked my old ones!

Jacob S.

Apple Creek, OH

The hearing aids have been such a blessing (in ways you can’t believe) to me. I love my aids and don’t feel nervous of self-conscious at all any more about them. I’ve has so many opportunities to talk to other people and not only tell them about my hearing loss the help I received from you, but to encourage them to take care of their hearing problems. Thank you so much for giving us your time and concern.

Tiffany T.

Culpeper, VA

I am so excited about my new hearing aids. I can now hear things I could never hear before. Sitting in the a crowded restaurant and hearing what is said at my table; finally being able to hear what people are saying in the back of a church when I sit near the front; and being able to hear people in my work place without having to say “what did you say?” I truly must say the hearing aids have opened up a new world for me .

Ann P.

Culpeper, VA

We are so grateful for you. A whole new world of hearing has been achieved for John and Mark. They are both so happy. Mark is hearing things he never heard before. HE said that didn’t know his children were so noisy!

Donna B.

Marshall, VA

This has been a very positive experience for me. I’m very happy that my wife found your office on the web and I am also very happy to have found you. If you ever need a positive recommendation from someone with an engineering/technical point of view just let me know.

Terry C.

Fredericksburg, VA

My new hearing aids have given me the best hearing I have had in 20 years. Sound is more natural and clearer than my old, In-The-Ear hearing aids and wind noise is almost non-existent. Feedback is well controlled and with the exception of loud night clubs, noise management is good. And the streamer is the icing on the cake, with crystal clear cell phone sound and try hands-off operation.

Ron L.

Locus Grove, VA

It is my pleasure to commend the skill and professionalism of Dr. Donna Mallory, Audiologist. After an extended period of denial regarding a progressive hearing loss, I submitted to a testing and evaluation by Dr. Mallory. The results have been remarkable, and now I hear with un-embarrassing clarity. Thanks to her and her competent staff my hearing world is far better than par! In fact, it’s like having a hole-in-one.

John F.

Culpeper, VA

My husband and I have come to Audiphone for over 10 years and have never been disappointed. Their prices are lower than other dealers and they always seem to be able to get the aids working by cleaning them at no charge. We also appreciate the low key, un-pressured advice we receive. You can’t go wrong with Audiphone.

Phyllis W.

East Rochester, NY

I’ve been using hearing aids now for about 30 years, so you couls say I have had some experience. Not being satisfied with the products and services of my first two companies, I got discouraged a few years ago and gave up. Then one day I was attracted by a small ad by Audiphone in the newspaper, went to check it out, and was impressed. Jim not only had the product and price I was looking for, but was more knowedgable then everyone I had dealt with. As I recall, my first pair of hearing aids lasted three of four years before I threw them out. After eight years, Audiphone’s products and services are still great!

Joe G

I was totally surprised when you said, “these are not your father’s hearing aids.” You have made me a believer after 12 years of skepticism. These may not have been my father’s hearing aids but the friendly service was much like the service of my father’s day with no pressure and a down to earth discussion of what to expect before I walked out the door. Thank you very much for the best service at a much lower price.

Roberta L.

Thank you for all you do for me and my ears!

Pauline F.

I so appreciate your patience and willingness to work with me in my quest for a hearing aid. Your insight and support throughout were invaluable.

Anna S.

Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and professionalism you gave to my mother when you evaluated her hearing.

Marcy G.

I can easily understand what my wife is saying. You will be receiving fan mail from her.

Wayne C.

He likes them! Thanks very much, as always for your amazing service.

Laura L.

We can’t begin to describe how much we appreciate and value the work that you’ve done on all counts.

Donald F.

I have been through many hearing tests before and no one has been able to explain it to me as well as you did. You are great at what you do.

Daryl P.

I love my new hearing aids and companion devices!

Barbara P.

These are the best hearing aids ever!

Bonnie S.

You made getting hearing aids fun

Dave O.

I was absolutely amazed as to how the babies are tested! My baby’s hearing was fine!


Jackson, NJ

I went to another audiology office to find out why I was having trouble hearing. After a quick test, that audiologist said that I had loss (which I already knew) and started a sales pitch for hearing aids. I walked out in tears. When I went for a second opinion at Audiology associates of Freehold, the staff understood my frustration and disappointment at the way I was treated. I eventually purchased my aids from them but I felt that the audiologist was more concerned about the my loss rather than whether I was paying by check or credit card.


Millstone Township, NJ

The staff told me about a State program that I qualified for and I received my hearing aids free! The other audiology office I went to never told me about this program- just the 10% seniors discount I would receive.


Howell, NJ

I thought I needed hearing aids… Dr. Judy said it was just was- once it was removed I was hearing better again!


Englishtown, NJ

Even though I moved out of NJ, I always stop back in to see everyone at Audiology Associates.


Charleston, SC

Thank you for my new helpers.

Ryan Gurcze

Elyria, OH

My hearing aids from ClarityHear are better AND they cost a lot less than the ones I returned from another place. I was amazed.

Paul Arida

Parma, OH

To come in and know that I could get a better quality hearing aids from ClarityHear and it would cost quite a bit less than if I went to a competitor, it was a no-brainer.

Cindy Szoke

Medina, OH

I’ve been thinking of you a lot and how happy I am that I can hear so much better. I really thank you for all the time you spent to get my aids working so I can talk better with people. What a difference!!

Jeanne Cooper

Akron, OH

My impressions of EAR were; each of you is doing work you enjoy with products you believe in, and with people you like. What more could anyone wish for, whether employee or customer?


Watertown, MA

I was impressed with the care and explanations of hearing loss and options!


Dedham, MA

Hearing aids are expensive and deserve good service, which E.A.R. is providing.

Conrad B.

Newton, MA

I first visited EAR in the fall of 2008 when, as a new university instructor, I was concerned that my trouble hearing would negatively impact my performance in leading class discussions.
I’ll admit that I was skeptical that hearing aids would make a difference and worried that I would be subjected to high-pressure sales and poor follow-up customer service.
But, I was lucky to have walked in the door at EAR! I found that I was treated as a respected client who needed help. EAR performed the auditory testing, reviewed the current technology with me, suggested options and then allowed me to have a free, no-risk home trial. I found that “hearing is believing” and decided to purchase a set of hearing aids about 15 months ago. Periodically I hear from EAR asking how things are going which shows they care about their clients. When I did have an equipment problem, they worked with the manufacturer to get it resolved with no cost to me. I think EAR does a great job and would recommend them highly to anyone experiencing hearing problems.
PS – my classes went well – no one seemed to notice the hearing aids and I was able to effectively manage discussion in a very large classroom

Nick L.

Newton, MA

I am a 46 year old professional who has been slow to respond to my hearing loss. One area that prompted action was my eroding confidence during meetings. I found that I would remain silent rather than clarify what was said. Additionally in my social life I suffered through pretty much the same thing. There were times where I would respond and it would not be to what was said.
I finally accepted my limitations and went in. I cannot say enough about EAR, they have been fantastic. They walked me through my options, they have followed up several times and they worked out a payment plan that fit my needs. I have now been wearing my aids since December of 2009 and have noticed remarkable improvements in all facets of my life. I thank them every time someone says “you heard that”. A great experience and it truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Bill B.

Quincy, MA

I sensed from the moment I walked in the door that E.A.R. was a highly professional operation. The greeting was friendly. The doctor took great care in explaining my hearing loss and what might be done about it.. There was absolutely no sales pressure. I was immediately pleased with my hearing aid and how easily I adapted to it.

Geoffrey A.

I was very apprehensive at the thought of getting hearing aids, but I received such a warm welcome when I entered E.A.R. that I immediately felt at ease. I came to realize how much E.A.R. cares about people with hearing loss. This has been a life changing experience for me. I can actually hear water running!

Angelina M.

I was completely satisfied with all the aspects of the professional treatment by the personnel if Enhanced Auditory Resources. It’s a first class operation of highly qualified people.


Natick, MA

Professional, low-key, no pressure to obtain hearing aids. Extremely helpful and willing to advise and support my decision either way!


Needham, MA

Old-fashioned personal patient care combined with the latest technology. I went to have my hearing checked. After my results were reviewed, I was told I did not need hearing aids [I probably will, but not at this time]. There was a complete absence of hard sell or pushing a product. The entire procedure was exceptionally professional. I will be back for my next checkup [the screening was no-charge] and will eventually purchase my hearing aids through them. I am recommending them to everyone. They are the best.

Peter B.

I love being able to hear the birds sing again. For nearly 10 years, I’d felt my hearing was declining and I was missing out on things. And, my husband was constantly telling me to turn down the TV volume. As a 70th birthday present to myself, I decided to look into hearing aids. Friends recommended Webster Hearing, and I’m glad they did. I received personal attention and never felt rushed into making a decision. I’ve now worn hearing aids for six months, and I’m frankly amazed at the results. I’m an avid gardener and I now hear the birds sing again and enjoy other sounds I’d almost forgotten. Sometimes I wonder if my hearing was really ever this good in the past.

Ann N.

Webster, NY

Keeping an appointment with Webster Hearing is always reassuring. I know they will take the time to assess my current hearing ability, make adjustments and explain the changes.

May Ann H.

Webster, NY

I drive 77 miles each way to remain a Webster Hearing patient. Over a number of years, I’d grown increasingly unhappy with the places that provided and serviced my pair of hearing aids. One office seemed okay technically, but their patient interaction was anything but warm. A second practice was more welcoming, but I sensed they were lacking in knowledge of the product and options.
Then one day in my frustration, I drove to a meeting of a group of people with hearing loss in Rochester. Some people in attendance highly recommended I try Webster Hearing – – and I am glad I did.
At Webster Hearing I’ve been treated with kindness and understanding by people who not only understand the technology, but who are sincerely interested in my well being and satisfaction. That’s why I drive 77 miles each way between my home and Webster Hearing a couple of times a year.

Mary H.

Skaneateles, NY

Being treated by someone who wears hearing aids added to my satisfaction at Webster Hearing. I’ve worn hearing aids for a number of years, but bout six months ago I accidentally wore them into the shower and ruined them. When I called my insurance company, they gave Webster Hearing a good recommendation, so I made an appointment with Joe Kozelsky.
As I quickly learned, Joe also wears hearing aids. In addition to his expertise, he personally understands the issues involved in dealing with hearing loss. After our time together, he made an excellent recommendation for the right devices for me.
I won`t say I now hear like I did when I was 12 years old, but the experience with Webster Hearing clearly met my expectations, and I`m very pleased with the results.

Daniel M.

Webster, NY

Friendliness and excellent service set Webster Hearing apart. A lot of place sell Oticon hearing aids because of their high quality. However, in 20 years as a hearing aid wearer, I’ve found that satisfaction depends on much more than the sale of the device.
Joe at Webster Hearing fitted me with Oticon hearing aids half a dozen years ago, and he has provided ongoing and exceptional service ever since, from routine maintenance to special attention when necessary.

Maurice K.

Webster, NY

They know what they’re doing. In relation to a question from his ear doctor about where he got his hearing aids: “I got them from Webster Hearing.” The ear doctor said, “That’s good. That’s a good place. They know what they’re doing.

Jerry M.

Webster, NY

One of the best audiologists in the entire region. I met Joe some years ago when I was president of the New York State professional society of Speech-Language Hearing providers and he was a member of the Board of Directors. I was impressed by his preparation and contributions to that organization and I knew that he was a consummate professional.
At the time, my mother was in need of an audiologist. She lives in Norwich, NY, some 140 miles from Webster. I made arrangements for her to become a patient of Joe’s because, in my opinion, he’s one of the best audiologists in the entire region.
Joe maintains his professional credentials, his continuing education and is always current with the latest studies in the field. Why wouldn’t we go to Joe?”

John W.

Fairport, NY

I would highly recommend Webster Hearing Center to anyone who wants a high quality product and honest friendly service. I have been wearing hearing aids for many years. When my family doctor recommended that I get a hearing test I asked him who he would recommend and without any hesitation he said Webster Hearing Center. He told me that Joe Kozelsky, the owner of Webster Hearing was very knowledgeable and honest.
I have been very satisfied with my hearing aids and the service the center provides. Their integrity and knowledge are above reproach. They will never make promises that a hearing aid will do something it cannot do. They do not use high pressure to try to sell you something that won’t work for you or that you can’t afford.
Also, Joe has exceptional staff. They are all extremely knowledgeable, honest and friendly.
I would highly recommend Webster Hearing Center to anyone who wants a quality product and honest friendly service

Dan V.

Penfield, NY

Dear Mr. Raff, On Thanksgiving my husband and I would like to thank the people who gave us courteous and good services during the year. You are one of them, Mr. Raff. I particularly appreciated your true diagnosis of my severe hearing loss.

Madeleine W.

I realized I was avoiding spending time with people living in my building, a senior retirement residential community. Where I was very active in the past, I was getting annoyed not hearing or understanding what they were saying. Now I’m back to attending on a daily basis coffee hours, shopping, outside trips etc. I am more comfortable and do not have to question them. Definitely improved my quality of life.

Rick Dwyer

Just a note to let you know how grateful I am to you for helping me hear again! Twenty years ago I was told I needed hearing aids…in both ears! I was devastated since I was only 32! Now twenty years later, I was really tired and frustrated of not hearing properly. That’s when I turned to you. You tested me and told me (in a kind way) how bad my hearing was. From there you gently guided me on the path to hearing! You have worked extensively and patiently with me to make sure everything was right…from the right sounds to the right fit! You know I’ll recommend you to others in need, and tell them you’re at the top of the list!

Lynn L.

Thank you, thank you for being so patient with me, and understanding and explaining everything to me about my wonderful hearing aid!! What a beautiful difference in my life! May everything good come to you, Mr. Raff!

Sophie C.

Bedford, MA

I began with Dr. Lewis in 2005 and have been extremely pleased with him. He is very knowledgeable about hearing devices, the most recent technologies, and what is the best hearing aid for my life style. He is always available to help out with whatever is required. Since my initial visit I have purchased two additional pairs of hearing aids from him, most recently a pair in 2012. The technology changes rapidly and he has been very helpful in putting me in the best type of hearing device for my situation. I would recommend Dr. Lewis to anyone regardless of age or type of hearing loss. His service and professional conduct are excellent.

Robert M.

Moreland Hills, OH

As a person who has had hearing problems for several years, I felt it was most important that I find an audiologist who was very professional and keeps up with new technology in hearing products. If you want the best, see Marvin Lewis at Echo Hearing and Audiology.

Tom E.

Aurora, OH

My hearing aids, which were fitted and purchased through Echo Hearing, improved my hearing and speech comprehension dramatically, beyond my expectations. I selected Echo Hearing this time rather than a major hearing aid retailer from whom I purchased previously, because Echo offers multiple brands and technology options and, also important, because of the experience and expertise of a certified audiologist such as Marvin Lewis. Besides the reliability and service that Echo Hearing provides, my new hearing aids were about 30% less expensive than the “latest technology” hearing aids I purchased five years ago.

Mr. P.L.

Broadview Heights, OH

This is the third set of hearing aids I have received and are the best. I can hear conversations clearer and better. I wish I had these first. The personal attention was by far the best checking up by phone impressed me.

Tom Schmidt

Ashtabula, OH

Very happy with hearing aids- can hear well and they are very compatible. Thanks!


Mentor, OH

service & wonderful hearing aids!


Ashtabula, OH

The people at Vista Hearing are kind and understanding about your hearing aid and help you any way they can to understand why you need a hearing aid.

Jo Ann Kincaid

Ashtabula, OH

I’m writing this letter to express appreciation for the exception, and professional service I received when I recently purchased 2 new hearing aids from Muskegon Hearing & Speech! I have a serious hearing loss compounded by a Meneres Condition!! This is my third or fourth set of hearing aids! Up until now I wasn’t getting much from my hearing aids. Then Tom Bell came inro my world! He advised a different style of hearing aid that would allow more power and more adjustment to compensate for my fluctuating hearing condition. With the new style of aids I’m able to hear better than I have in 15 years! Tom worked me over over 3-4 weeks to tweak and adjust the aids! I’m very pleased with the function of my new aids! One of my coworkers on my recommendation has also purchased aids and is enjoying greatly improved hearing!! The entire staff at Muskegon Hearing & Speech has helped to make me a loyal customer!!! You should be proud of your staff at Muskegon Hearing & Speech, keep up the fine job.

Philip J. Knash

Muskegon, MI

My hearing is so much better than before. I can’t believe how much better I hear.

Barbara Jackson

Independence, OH

My wife and I were impressed with the professionalism and courtesy extended to us today (October 31) in your Camp Hill office by Robert Snyder in connection with a hearing screening. He quickly identified wax buildup in the one ear which needed follow-up care. Thanks for caring.

David Torakeo

Camp Hill, PA

I just wanted to let you know your staff at the Muskegon Hearing & Speech Center are my savior. I am a USMC Vet that was dealing with the US Government about 4 years ago and getting nowhere. My hearing was getting so bad from a military accident years ago, that I could not hear what was being said to me at work in my meetings. A friend told me about Muskegon Hearing & Speech Center. From the day I walked in the staff has treated me like royalty. They took care of me until my case was approved by the US Government and I got my new hearing aids. To this day if I have a problem with anything or I have a question they are still there for me. I want to thank you and your staff for everything you have done for me.

Scott Brott

Muskegon, MI

I like the personal attention given to your clients and the ease of getting in for an adjustment. You are very professional and still make it so comfortable for the client.

Sally MacMahon

Wonderful staff, amazing service, great experience. If you have any hearing issues or hearing/speech needs, I highly recommend Fremont Hearing & Speech Center. The hearing assessment was painless, comfortable, and precise. The staff went above an beyond to make me feel safe and welcomed. The service offered here is that of an old-school care, not often seen in today’s money-driven practices. This place is TOP QUALITY and here to help you hear! Stop wasting your time reading this review, just make an appointment today, don’t wait any longer!

Rex Skupien

Everyone is so friendly and helpful… I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t hearing

Mary K.