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Tips for Tackling Thanksgiving with Hearing Loss


Managing the challenges of your daily interactions with people can be difficult when you have hearing loss.  Special occasions such as a Thanksgiving meal be an especially stressful time.  Although you may be with family and friends, not everyone in the room may be aware of your hearing loss. Here are a few tips to […]

Hearing Loss & Weight Gain


  Hearing Loss & Weight Gain       This is the time of year when many of us are prone to put on a few pounds. Perhaps you find yourself not quite as active as you were in the summer months. Add on top of that the gratuitous leftover candy dish after Halloween and the impending food […]

Do you hear that? Winter is coming!


As we move into the full swing of autumn, many parts of the country are already experiencing the cold snaps that come along with the change of season. Many of us in the cold weather states are taking time for the elements by organizing our winter wardrobe, getting heaters inspected and drafty locations in our […]

Protecting Your Hearing While Hunting


Autumn is in full swing and for many it symbolizes the start of a long-awaited hunting season.  Studies have shown that people who use guns are more likely to develop permanent hearing loss than those who don’t. Not wearing protective gear while shooting, practically guarantees you will suffer from some degree of hearing loss. The […]

Hearing Aids Vs. Amplifiers


Amplifiers may be appealing to patients because of the noticeably lower prices, however, there is a huge difference between amplifiers and hearing aids as well as some medical concerns. The FDA released guidance that states amplifiers are not actually intended for people with hearing loss, but for people with normal hearing to amplify sounds in […]

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