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Tips to Protect Your Child’s Hearing


Did you know that one in six children, by the end of their teenage years, have hearing damage due to exposure of loud and repeated sounds? We are surrounded by dangerously loud sounds every day, from personal devices like music players, power tools and machinery, to concerts, sporting events, and even lawn maintenance. It’s very […]

Do I Need a Hearing Aid?


Are you wondering if a hearing aid is right for you? Are you unsure if you are experiencing hearing loss? Our experts composed a list of the early warning signs of hearing loss, which could help you determine if it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional. Make an appointment […]

What type of hearing aid is best?


There are many types of hearing aids available and choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. Here are some options to consider when making the choice to help you find the best device for your situation. A hearing aid can vary in price, size, features, and how they are placed in the ear. […]

Hearing Loss in Children with Down Syndrome


Every parent knows that raising a child is hard work. This enormous task becomes even more emotionally and physically challenging when a child is born with down syndrome. It can be helpful for parents to learn that children with down syndrome are more susceptible to experiencing hearing loss. Monitoring the hearing loss in children with […]

4 Ways Hearing Loss Can Lead to Dementia


According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, more than 48 million Americans with hearing loss, may have an increased risk of developing cognitive problems and even dementia. By the time many Americans reach their 70s, almost two-thirds of them will experience hearing loss. It can be shocking to discover that hearing loss can cause […]

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