What You Should Know Before Buying Hearing Aids on Your Own

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Think you may have hearing loss and wondering what to do next? A good place to start is visiting an audiologist. Audiologists are hearing healthcare professionals that provide hearing care for people of all ages. These highly trained and trusted professionals conduct a series of tests to determine if you have a hearing loss. After the testing, an audiologist will explain the results to you and make a plan to help preserve your hearing and communication.

If hearing aids are recommended for you, audiologists adjust the devices to meet your personal hearing needs. They will also provide follow-up care and guidance towards making sure that you get the most out of these complex medical devices.

Today, you have more options for purchasing hearing aids that include online and over the counter. However, we do not recommend you purchase hearing aids without the guidance of an audiologist. Here are a few reasons why:

• Hearing aids do not just make the sounds around you louder. They are complicated medical devices that should be programmed and fitted specifically for you by a hearing healthcare professional.

• Hearing aids have technology that can be adjusted by an audiologist to meet your own hearing needs, and to get the best results.

• Hearing aids that you buy on your own without a complete hearing test may not give you the loudness or sound quality you desire. They could also further damage your hearing.

• It may not be helpful for you to have all your sounds louder. For example, when you are in a restaurant or a crowded meeting, you do not want every one of those sounds louder. Audiologists may adjust hearing aids to make sounds louder where you need it, while at the same time lowering background noise. This should help you understand speech better in everyday environments and situations. To help you adjust to hearing aids, audiologists provide office visits, guidance, and support after you’ve purchased hearing aids. Hearing aids that you purchased on your own will definitely not include these services.

• It is important to understand the cause of your own particular hearing loss. Online or mobile app–based hearing screening tests can’t tell you why you are experiencing hearing loss. Audiologist will point out damaging-hearing scenarios or sounds that you may have not thought would damage your hearing. An example is driving your car with the windows down.

Currently, online hearing screenings can only alert you that your hearing isn’t normal and that you need further testing—they cannot tell you the cause of your hearing loss. Save yourself the time it takes and let us assess your hearing by visiting our website to find a clinic near you. You can trust our hearing healthcare professionals to guide you towards preserving your hearing and ensuring you are cared for throughout your hearing aid journey.