Swedish Man Loses 198lbs Thanks to Hearing Aids

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Ola Petterson, 47, of Sweden, started to lose self-esteem when his hearing deteriorated. He stopped socializing, going out in public, and in turn stopped exercising. Because he could no longer hear traffic while biking or running on busy streets, he decided to call it quits.

Finally, Petterson got the help he needed. In 2009, he got his hearing aids and became interested in keeping up with new technological trends in the hearing industry. He did this by using an unlikely source: Facebook. After educating himself about the different hearing aids available, he settled on one that made his hearing even better, and began to get back to his normal routine.

Thanks to his hearing aids, Petterson is now able to work out and has lost an incredible 198lbs. He recently participated in a half marathon, and is planning on running in the “Ultravasan” race, totaling 55 miles. Besides making amazing strides in his physical health, he is also working on his social life, which is improving thanks to his hearing aids.

The #FlauntYourHearingAids campaign is designed to encourage an open dialogue about hearing loss and hearing aid use. The idea is to show the masses that anyone can be affected by hearing loss and that wearing hearing aids will not cramp their style.

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Source: https://www.hearinglikeme.com/hearing-aids-gave-new-life-helped-lose-90-kilos/