Hearing Tests

At Hearing Health USA, our number one priority is to improve our client’s quality of life. Our professionals are strong advocates for a thorough testing process and in depth evaluation of your hearing health needs which is vital to the proper diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. We go beyond the standard screening process offered at most clinics, providing each individual with a comprehensive hearing test and personalized consultation to review the results.

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What to Expect During A Hearing Test

During a hearing screening at Hearing Health USA, a licensed hearing health professional conducts several evaluations to determine your level of hearing loss. Each hearing expert’s assessment can vary and contain their own preferred procedures, but they are all very similar. The entire test can take around 30 minutes or less and is completely painless.

Case History

During this portion of the appointment, our hearing health professional will ask questions relevant to your hearing history. This includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Difficulties understanding speech: The hearing health expert will want to know if you have trouble understanding speech in a variety of sound environments.
  • Tinnitus: A symptom commonly associated with noise exposure and hearing loss, tinnitus is “phantom sound”, often perceived as ringing or chirping. It can be intermittent or constant.
  • Noise exposure: The hearing health professional will ask about your history of exposure to loud noise.
  • Otologic medical history: You will be asked to provide details about recent ear infections, ear surgeries, and other pertinent ear history.


Next, the hearing health expert will use a handheld otoscope to perform a visual inspection of your ear canals and eardrums. At some of our locations, the hearing health professionals will use a camera device that is displayed on a viewing screen so you can see what the inside of your ears look like. Call in advanced to see if this option is available.

Pressure Test

Examines the function of the middle ear and eardrum. A rubber tip is placed into the ear canal and a small amount of air pressure is introduced. One important diagnostic use of this test is the detection of the presence of middle ear fluid, a common symptom of middle ear infection.

Hearing Test

Next, the Hearing Care Professional will perform tests designed to assess your hearing sensitivity, as well as speech understanding. This test is performed in a sound-controlled space to improve the validity of the results. While in a comfortable chair, the patient will wear either insert earphones or a headset that transmits sounds and tones to test hearing capabilities. Our hearing health specialist will sit out of view, so the patient does not see when the expert is initiating a tone or sound. The Hearing Health USA professional will outline your results on an audiogram. There are at least two types of hearing tests performed:

  • Pure-tone Audiometry: Discerns the softest tones detectable at different pitches. The person is typically asked to push a button, raise their hand, or say “yes” when the tone is heard.
  • Speech Audiometry: Evaluates your ability understand speech at a comfortable level. The patient is asked to repeat words or sentences the hearing health professional delivers.

After the hearing test, our hearing health professional will relay the results immediately and recommend if treatment is needed. The well-trained and compassionate audiologist or hearing aid specialist will provide top-of-the-line treatment options and hearing aids to accurately fit your type of loss. Our hearing health clinic will fit, program, and clean your hearing aids for you. It is recommended, no matter the level of loss, to receive a hearing screening every year. This will prevent any further hearing complications.

Online Hearing Assessment

If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing deficiencies, we offer a convenient way to asses your hearing from the safety of your home. While not a full hearing test, our online hearing assessment is an excellent way to start your hearing care journey. Simply click the button to take our assessment to find out if you need further consultation at one of our office to fully evaluate your hearing. Hearing Health USA has a nation-wide network of clinics with locations near you to make improving your hearing easy. Each of our highly trained staff provides compassionate care and the latest hearing aid solutions for every lifestyle and budget.

Make sure that you have filled out an appointment request form before taking this assessment in order to receive your test results.

Please make sure you are in a quiet environment when taking this assessment.