Hearing Aid Repairs

At Hearing Health USA we offer repairs on all major manufacturer’s hearing aids. We understand the impact that losing your hearing can have on relationships and daily activities, that’s why our dedicated and knowledgeable staff works to ensure that your hearing aids are in top working order by cleaning and checking them regularly. If we cannot repair your hearing aid in our office and need to send it in for repair, we will offer you a loaner hearing aid to use while your hearing aid is being fixed.

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As with most technology, hearing aids are sensitive to regular use and wear over time, even with diligent maintenance. A regular maintenance routine for hearing aids should include replacing batteries, cleaning with a special tool and replacing the wax filter. Hearing Health USA will supply the necessary materials for performing regular maintenance, as well instructions on proper techniques. Adhering to careful upkeep will ensure the longevity of the hearing device as well as its proper functioning.

Hearing aids have a natural life-span and will likely wear out over the course of normal use, necessitating their replacement. With ongoing improvements in technology, hearing aid users experiencing problems with their existing device may welcome the opportunity to upgrade to a new model with improved features. However, if the time isn’t right for an upgrade, or the hearing aid is only a few years old, there are often simple repairs that can be performed to extend the life of the device before a new acquisition is necessary.

The cost associated with fixing damaged or broken hearing aids depends on several factors. The first consideration is the hearing aid warranty, if it is still under warranty, and whether the damage is covered. Additionally, the extent of the damage to the hearing aid needs to be assessed to determine the cost of the part needing replacement. Typically hearing aids will be considered beyond repair if they are older than three years, damage from impact is visible or if they have already had several repairs performed. Multiple repairs may compromise the hearing aid’s proper functioning, preventing its optimal performance.

Hearing Health USA will evaluate the device and give a cost estimate before any repair is made, helping the client to determine whether a repair or new hearing aid is the best direction.