Hearing Aid Fitting & Repairs

The professionals at Hearing Health USA are strong advocates for properly treating hearing loss with hearing aids when appropriate. We bring people and advanced technology together to enable our patients to hear their best. Hearing Health USA offers hearing aid fitting and services at all locations, with convenient appointments to serve you best.

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Hearing Aid Fitting

After your hearing has been tested, we will review your results and help select the best treatment option for you. Once the correct solution for your hearing loss is chosen, your next appointment will be scheduled. The hearing aid fitting appointment involves several visits, which includes programing the hearing aids, verifying they fit correctly, and follow up. The first appointment begins by verifying the comfort of the hearing aids, which can be modified in the office as needed. Based on the quality of sound from the initial programming, some fine-tuning is usually done to make the aids comfortable and as natural sounding as possible. Often times, the aids are programmed softer at the initial fitting to allow for your auditory system to adjust to hearing again. Additional programming is common at follow-up appointments as you become more experienced with hearing again. We also discuss realistic expectations for the first days of use.

Once programming is completed, we teach you on how to insert and remove the aids properly, how to clean and maintain the devices, and how to use accessories, such as a charger for rechargeable devices. Many hearing aids today are Bluetooth compatible, work with smartphones, and have apps that allow the user to make adjustments when needed. In these cases, we will connect your aids to your phone and review features and functions of apps compatible with your aids.

Finally, we schedule a follow up appointment to check your hearing.

Hearing Aid Repairs

send them in for repair, we will offer you loaner hearing aids to use while they are being fixed.

As with most technology, hearing aids are sensitive to regular use and wear over time, even with diligent upkeep. A regular maintenance routine for hearing aids should include replacing batteries, cleaning with a special tool and replacing the wax filter. Hearing Health USA will supply the necessary materials for performing regular maintenance, as well instructions on proper techniques. Adhering to careful upkeep will ensure the longevity of hearing devices, as well as their proper functioning.

Hearing aids have a natural life span and will likely wear out over time with normal use. With ongoing improvements in technology, hearing aid users experiencing problems with their existing device may welcome the opportunity to upgrade to a new model with improved features. However, if the time is not right for an upgrade, or the hearing aid is only a few years old, there are often simple repairs that can be performed to extend the life of the device before a new aid is necessary.

The cost associated with fixing damaged or broken hearing aids depends on several factors, including the warranty and extent of the repair needed. Hearing aids will be considered beyond repair if they are older than five years, damage from impact is visible or if they have already had several repairs performed and are compromised.

Hearing Health USA will evaluate the device and give a cost estimate before any repairs are made, helping the patient determine whether a repair or new hearing aids are the best direction.