Aural Rehabilitation

Adjusting to hearing loss can be a frustrating process for someone at any age, which is why incorporating aural rehabilitation into a hearing treatment plan is extremely beneficial. At Hearing Health USA we provide a personalized strategy to manage hearing loss and help individuals overcome the challenges that it presents.

What is Aural Rehabilitation?

Hearing loss at any stage in life is disruptive to daily routines, compromising the quality of life formerly enjoyed by an individual. The impact of emotional reactions to hearing loss, in the form of anxiety, depression and social disengagement may exacerbate the realities of impaired communication ability. The fundamental goal of aural rehabilitation is to reduce this impact, alleviate the residual emotional components, and help you properly adapt to the new hearing devices.

There are many approaches to aural rehabilitation chosen specific to each person’s level of hearing loss and struggles with communication. Our Hearing Health USA providers will help set goals that are customized depending on the stage in life, degree of hearing loss and personal needs.

Aural Rehabilitation Therapy

The process of aural rehabilitation is highly individualized however; certain protocols are central to evaluation and creation of a treatment plan.

  • Complete audiologic evaluation and diagnosis of the client’s unique hearing loss.
    • Hearing Health USA hearing care professionals make restoring hearing levels to optimum levels their number one priority.
  • Familiarization of new hearing aids that compensate optimally for hearing loss.
    • New users to this technology often need support, ensuring maximum utility, including refresher courses on how to use accessories that can further open the world to clients suffering from hearing loss.
  • Ongoing counseling and training to improve overall communication abilities.
    • Counseling may include family and loved ones who want to support the individual through improved communication strategies.

Audiologists and hearing aid specialist specialize in helping people with hearing loss adapt to new hearing devices, improve necessary listening skills, learn to communicate more effectively with others and relearn skills that have become difficult. The professionals at Hearing Health USA provide the support and rehabilitation treatment therapy necessary for clients to realize the full potential of new hearing aids and communication skills.

Captioned Phones

Caption phones and service is an excellent solution for individuals with hearing loss that regularly struggle with phone conversations on landline phones. This free assistive technology utilizes easy to read screens that capture the spoken words of the person on the other end of the line, providing an easy solution to guarantee that people suffering from hearing loss won’t miss a word of their phone conversations. Our professionals at Hearing Health USA can help you or a loved one access this technology, simply contact our office to get started.

How do captioned phones work?

Hearing Health USA uses both CaptionCall and CapTEL captioned services. Each works like a regular phone in terms of operation, dialing and answering calls as with a regular telephone, and speaking into a handset. The enhanced feature is a 7” display screen that offers adjustable text sizes, customizable audio and is also hearing aid compatible. Its screen instantly displays the spoken words of the individual on the other side of the conversation. Similar to the advanced technology behind captioned television, Captioned phones use voice recognition technology and manual corrections to turn audio into the most accurate captions possible.
The captioning is automatic, without need of dialing into a captioning service. The captioning is also encrypted, with an FCC regulated transcription.

Captioned services are available to individuals with a medically documented hearing disability that necessitates assistance with phone conversations. The federal government established a fund through the ADA (American Disability Act) to provide communication assistance to individuals with hearing loss. Anyone in the United States with certified hearing loss is eligible to participate in this free service.
The free CaptionCall or CapTEL phone and services may be the right solution for any individual with hearing loss that struggles with phone conversations. While it is not available for use with cellular phones, new technology does provide this service to be compatible with i-pad devices.

To learn more about captioned phone services and to have an audiologist or hearing aid specialist complete a certification form detailing the hearing loss and need for captioned phone service, visit a Hearing Health USA clinic.