Our Reviews

Very happy with hearing aids – can hear well and they are very compatible. Thanks!

Judy | Mentor, OH

This is the third set of hearing aids I have received and they are the best. I can hear conversations clearer and better. I wish I had these first. The personal attention was by far the best checking up by phone impressed me.

Tom Schmidt | Ashtabula, OH

My hearing aids, which were fitted and purchased through Echo Hearing, improved my hearing and speech comprehension dramatically, beyond my expectations. I selected Echo Hearing this time rather than a major hearing aid retailer from whom I purchased previously, because Echo offers multiple brands and technology options and, also important, because of the experience and expertise of a certified audiologist such as Marvin Lewis. Besides the reliability and service that Echo Hearing provides, my new hearing aids were about 30% less expensive than the “latest technology” hearing aids I purchased five years ago.

Mr. P. L. | Broadview Heights, OH

As a person who has had hearing problems for several years, I felt it was most important that I find an audiologist who was very professional and keeps up with new technology in hearing products. If you want the best, see Marvin Lewis at Echo Hearing and Audiology.

Tom E. | Aurora, OH

I began with Dr. Lewis in 2005 and have been extremely pleased with him. He is very knowledgeable about hearing devices, the most recent technologies, and what is the best hearing aid for my lifestyle. He is always available to help out with whatever is required. Since my initial visit I have purchased two additional pairs of hearing aids from him, most recently a pair in 2012. The technology changes rapidly and he has been very helpful in putting me in the best type of hearing device for my situation. I would recommend Dr. Lewis to anyone, regardless of age or type of hearing loss. His service and professional conduct are excellent.

Robert M. | Moreland Hills, OH

Thank you, thank you for being so patient with me, and understanding and explaining everything to me about my wonderful hearing aid!! What a beautiful difference in my life! May everything good come to you, Mr. Raff!

Sophie C. | Bedford, MA

Just a note to let you know how grateful I am to you for helping me hear again! Twenty years ago I was told I needed hearing aids…in both ears! I was devastated since I was only 32! Now twenty years later, I was really tired and frustrated with not hearing properly. That’s when I turned to you. You tested me and told me (in a kind way) how bad my hearing was. From there you gently guided me on the path to hearing! You have worked extensively and patiently with me to make sure everything was right…from the right sounds to the right fit! You know I’ll recommend you to others in need, and tell them you’re at the top of the list!

Lynn L.

I realized I was avoiding spending time with people living in my building, a senior retirement residential community. Where I was very active in the past, I was getting annoyed not hearing or understanding what they were saying. Now I’m back to attending on a daily basis coffee hours, shopping, outside trips etc. I am more comfortable and do not have to question them. Definitely improved my quality of life.

Rick Dwyer

Dear Mr. Raff,

On Thanksgiving my husband and I would like to thank the people who gave us courteous and good services during the year. You are one of them, Mr. Raff. I particularly appreciated your true diagnosis of my severe hearing loss.

Madeleine W. | Bedford, MA

I would highly recommend Webster Hearing Center to anyone who wants a high-quality product and honest friendly service. I have been wearing hearing aids for many years. When my family doctor recommended that I get a hearing test I asked him who he would recommend and without any hesitation he said Webster Hearing Center. He told me that Joe Kozelsky, the owner of Webster Hearing was very knowledgeable and honest.

I have been very satisfied with my hearing aids and the service the center provides. Their integrity and knowledge are above reproach. They will never make promises that a hearing aid will do something it cannot do. They do not use high pressure to try to sell you something that won’t work for you or that you can’t afford.

Also, Joe has exceptional staff. They are all extremely knowledgeable, honest and friendly.

I would highly recommend Webster Hearing Center to anyone who wants a quality product and honest friendly service.

Dan V. | Penfield, NY