Our Reviews

My new hearing aids have given me the best hearing I have had in 20 years. Sound is more natural and clearer than my old, In-The-Ear hearing aids and wind noise is almost non-existent. Feedback is well controlled and with the exception of loud night clubs, noise management is good. And the streamer is the icing on the cake, with crystal clear cell phone sound and try hands-off operation.

Ron L. | Locust Grove, VA

Everyone is so friendly and helpful… I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t hearing.

Mary K.

Wonderful staff, amazing service, great experience. If you have any hearing issues or hearing/speech needs, I highly recommend Fremont Hearing & Speech Center. The hearing assessment was painless, comfortable, and precise. The staff went above and beyond to make me feel safe and welcomed. The service offered here is that of an old-school care, not often seen in today’s money-driven practices. This place is TOP QUALITY and here to help you hear! Stop wasting your time reading this review, just make an appointment today, don’t wait any longer!

Rex Skupien | Fremont , MI

I like the personal attention given to your clients and the ease of getting in for an adjustment. You are very professional and still make it so comfortable for the client.

Sally MacMahon

I just wanted to let you know your staff at the Muskegon Hearing & Speech Center is my savior. I am a USMC Vet that was dealing with the US Government about 4 years ago and getting nowhere. My hearing was getting so bad from a military accident years ago, that I could not hear what was being said to me at work in my meetings. A friend told me about Muskegon Hearing & Speech Center. From the day I walked in the staff has treated me like royalty. They took care of me until my case was approved by the US Government and I got my new hearing aids. To this day if I have a problem with anything or I have a question they are still there for me. I want to thank you and your staff for everything you have done for me.

Scott Brott | Muskegon, MI

My wife and I were impressed with the professionalism and courtesy extended to us today (October 31) in your Camp Hill office by Robert Snyder in connection with a hearing screening. He quickly identified wax buildup in the one ear which needed follow-up care. Thanks for caring.

David Torakeo | Camp Hill, PA

My hearing is so much better than before. I can’t believe how much better I hear.

Barbara Jackson | Independence, OH

I’m writing this letter to express appreciation for the exception, and professional service I received when I recently purchased 2 new hearing aids from Muskegon Hearing & Speech! I have a serious hearing loss compounded by a Meneres Condition!! This is my third or fourth set of hearing aids! Up until now, I wasn’t getting much from my hearing aids. Then Tom Bell came into my world! He advised a different style of hearing aid that would allow more power and more adjustment to compensate for my fluctuating hearing condition. With the new style of aids, I’m able to hear better than I have in 15 years! Tom worked me over over 3-4 weeks to tweak and adjust the aids! I’m very pleased with the function of my new aids! One of my coworkers on my recommendation has also purchased aids and is enjoying greatly improved hearing!! The entire staff at Muskegon Hearing & Speech has helped to make me a loyal customer!!! You should be proud of your staff at Muskegon Hearing & Speech, keep up the fine job.

Philip J. Knash | Muskegon, MI

The people at Vista Hearing are kind and understanding about your hearing aid and help you any way they can to understand why you need a hearing aid.

Jo Ann Kincaid | Ashtabula, OH

Great service & wonderful hearing aids!

Simone | Ashtabula, OH