Purple Cat Hearing Aid Charms LLC: the easy way to #flauntyourhearingaids

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Purple Cat Hearing Aid Charms LLC is a company based in Grand Junction, CO that designs stylish hearing aid accessories for both kids and adults. These charms come in a variety of unique designs and colors, and encourage hearing aid wearers to show off their devices. Hearing Health USA had the chance to ask Suzannah Parker (owner and designer of Purple Cat Hearing Aid Charms) a few questions about her business.

HHUSA: How did you get into making hearing aid charms?

SP: My daughter was born with moderate hearing loss in both ears.  After years of testing, she was finally aided at 3 years old.  It was then I knew my mission was to make this a fun experience and life style for her and others.

HHUSA: Are you a hearing aid wearer yourself? 

SP: No I am not but my beautiful daughter is.

HHUSA: What is the best feedback you have received from a customer?

SP: I love seeing when people share pictures of themselves or their little ones wearing the items I’ve created and how much they have helped in hearing aid wear and confidence.  I also loved when several people told me their audiologist approved them!

HHUSA: What is your favorite charm you have made?

SP: I love the Rainbow Jeweled Butterflies!  Who doesn’t love sparkle?!

HHUSA: What is one thing you wish people would realize about hearing aids? 

SP: They are simply glasses for the ears.

HHUSA: If you could sum up your goal for Purple Cat Hearing Aid Charms, what would it be?

SP: To help others find joy, fun and pride in their hearing aids and help stop bullying.

Purple Cat Hearing Aid Charms definitely makes it easy for people to show off their hearing aids. We want you to show us how you #flauntyourhearingaids. For a chance to be featured on our site, upload a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #flauntyourhearingaids. Or, you can directly upload to our site here: https://hearinghealthusa.com/flauntyourhearingaids/

To check out Purple Cat Hearing Aid Charms LLC, visit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/purplecataidcharms