Being Proactive with Hearing as You Age

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As we get older, our bodies begin to go through change, and our hearing health is not immune to this. In fact, hearing loss affects 1 in 3 people that are between the ages of 65-74. Although most are in denial hearing loss is a natural part of aging. So, the question is: how can we be proactive about our hearing health so that we can try to prevent hearing loss?

Practice safety at your workplace

If you work in noisy environments, such as in a factory or construction site, be sure to use proper ear protection. Being exposed to elevated levels of noise for various years can permanently damage your hearing health.

Protect your ears when using loud equipment in your home

This is essential, especially if you work in the yard a lot. Lawnmowers and other equipment can cause damage to your ears over time.

Be careful with noisy devices and activities

Noise can be found anywhere and everywhere, but it is even worse when it is blaring in your ear. Be careful when listening to music, especially when using ear buds. Listening to music at loud levels can cause permanent hearing loss, because ear drums are placed so closely to the ear drum. Loud concerts can also have a negative effect on hearing, but taking precautions such as ear plugs can help as a barrier to keep out noise.


Hearing professionals are essential

Taking the above steps will allow you to be proactive with your hearing health. However, the most important step is to get regularly checked by a professional. This will allow you to identify any potential problems. It is also important to know that hearing loss over a few years is natural. However, if hearing problems occur within a week, this could be a sign of another problem, such as an infection. A professional will be able to help you identify any potential issues. Use our clinic finder to find the clinic nearest you!