Valley Hearing Center

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Providing the best patient care to our community is what we strive for at Valley Hearing Center in Wheeling, WV. Our dedication begins with providing a professional hearing test, completely free of charge. A hearing healthcare professional will examine your ears to ensure there is no excessive build-up of wax. The extent of your hearing loss will be revealed to you through our top-of-the-line hearing test before you even try on hearing aids. Our staff will support all your needs every step of the way on your journey towards healthy hearing.

If hearing aids are the solution for your hearing loss level, we want to offer the best-proven hearing aid therapy in at an incredible value with outstanding service. We are happy to provide you with free batteries and will service your needs whenever you need us at our convenient location.

We are proud to be a part of the local Wheeling, WV community and always believe in treating every patient who walks through our door like family. With a convenient location and high-quality service, we will efficiently deliver the best in hearing health care.

Meet Our Providers

David B. Palkovic, HIS