Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic

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At Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic in Paris, TN we are committed to helping our patients discover the latest hearing aid technologies. We offer hearing aid solutions that will make hearing effortless, all day long and in every situation. We are staffed with hearing health professionals that stay current on the newest products and offer support way past the initial purchase of your hearing aids.

We are happy to be extending our services and products to the Paris, TN area. Some of the services we offer are free hearing screenings, hearing instrument repairs, extended warranties, and o% financing! Call and make your appointment today to get started on your path to better hearing.

Meet Our Providers

Micheleigh Perez, Au.D.

Megan Alford, HIS

Megan Alford is our principal hearing instrument specialist. Megan is a life-long resident of Trenton, TN, and earned her business degree from Jackson State University. She is passionate about improving hearing and has over 18 years’ experience serving individuals with hearing impairment. Megan first became interested in hearing impairment when working for Sears Optical in Jackson, TN. Her office was located directly across from a hearing center, and Megan had the opportunity to come to observe a young woman receiving a new set of hearing devices. Megan watched in awe as the instruments were activated and the young wife heard her husband say, ‘I love you,’ for the very first time.  Everyone cried, and Megan was overcome with a desire to help improve others’ lives through better hearing.

Megan is unique in that she understands first-hand what it’s like to live with a disability and has experienced how difficult it can be to find the right help. Her journey managing a seizure disorder has become her greatest strength—she has incredible empathy for the people she serves. Megan also brims with positivity and reminds us all how a sense of humor helps to get us through life’s challenges. She and her husband Chris have five children between them and enjoy cheering-on the Peabody High School Band.  Megan is a member of First Presbyterian Church where she teaches youth sign language and sings in the choir.