Dunkleberger Hearing Aids

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At Dunkleberger Hearing Aids in Hummelstown, PA our focus is to provide exceptional patient care to our community. We are committed to providing you with a professional hearing evaluation, at no charge, in which your ears will be examined by one of our hearing healthcare professionals. They will ensure that you have no wax build-up in your ears. Before even trying hearing aids, the extent of any hearing loss discovered will be revealed through comprehensive hearing tests. You will know how much we can improve your hearing from your very first appointment.

Great value with exceptional service is what we are known for. If hearing aids are necessary to correct the loss you are experiencing, you will receive the best-proven hearing aid therapy in the world. Free batteries and maintenance are always readily available whenever you need them.

We are proud to be a part of the local Hummelstown, PA community and always strive towards treating our patients as if they are family. High-quality service, along with our convenient location, adds to the effectiveness of the hearing care we will provide you with.