Aide Hearing Centers

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At Aide Hearing Centers in Grand Rapids, MI we are passionate about providing exceptional patient care to everyone in our community. We strive towards providing you with a professional hearing evaluation, free of charge. Your ears will be examined by a hearing healthcare professional who will make sure there is no wax build-up in your ears.

Our state-of-the-art hearing tests will reveal the extent of your hearing loss. We are always looking for more Living Centers and Retirement Villages to service. If you live in either of these places and would like ongoing service at no cost or charge, please call our office.

If hearing aids are necessary, you will receive the best-proven hearing aid therapy at a great value and with excellent service. You will receive free batteries and service whenever you need us at our convenient location.

We value being a part of the local Grand Rapids, MI community and believe in treating every patient like family. Our convenient location and high-quality service add to the efficiency of the hearing care we provide.

Dispensary/Disclaimer: Michelle Giddings, BC-HIS, Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist #1379

Meet Our Providers

Dena Barton, HIS

Dena Barton has been working with those with hearing loss since 2013.  She completed her Audiologist Assistant Program through Nova Southeastern University at that time, then went on to complete the Greenhouse Training Program through Starkey Hearing Technologies.  Dena is a licensed hearing aid professional with the State of Michigan.  She provides quality hearing health care with all her patients.

“It may be just one individual who has a hearing loss; however, that can turn into a hearing problem for all those around them. Addressing any hearing difficulties you may have is an important step in improving the lives of those around you, and more importantly, in improving your own life.”