Scallan Hearing Aid & Audiology Center

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At Scallan Hearing Aid & Audiology Center in Baton Rouge, LA we are dedicated to helping our community achieve healthy hearing through our quality of service and excellence in patient care. We are dedicated to helping you hear better from the moment you walk in the door and offer a free professional hearing evaluation.

To make sure there is no wax buildup, a hearing healthcare professional will examine your ears. The extent of your hearing loss will be revealed with our top of the line hearing tests. Before even trying hearing aids on, you will know exactly how much hearing help you will need. Our hearing healthcare providers will walk you through all options best suited for your needs.

An affordable value with the utmost in professional service will help us provide you with the best-proven hearing aid therapy in the world if you discover hearing aids are necessary to improve your hearing.

Visit our convenient location whenever you need us, and we will provide you with free batteries and service.

We always strive toward treating every patient as if they were a member of our family and are honored to be a part of the local Baton Rouge, LA community. The exceptional quality of service and our convenient location adds to the efficiency of care towards your hearing that we will provide every single patient who walks through our door.