Audiology & Hearing Centers of Wilkes-Barre

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With over 64 years of experience providing hearing help to those with hearing loss, Audiology & Hearing Centers of Wilkes-Barre is committed to helping people function at their best through better hearing. Audiology & Hearing Centers of Wilkes-Barre offers complete audiometric evaluations by experienced hearing healthcare providers. We offer a complete line of state of the art digital hearing instruments which are selected to fit your hearing needs. Our goal is to help you select the best solutions for your hearing loss based on your individual communication needs and lifestyle.

We promise to provide you with outstanding customer care and state-of-the-art hearing instruments to help you hear better. Satisfaction with your new hearing instruments is our top priority. We will guide you through the important steps to improve your hearing and get you back to your daily life.

Our expert staff will provide you with the level of service and expertise you’d expect from an experienced hearing professional. Our state-of-the-art testing and fitting equipment allow us to provide you with an unsurpassed level of comprehensive hearing care. Our commitment to better hearing is enhanced with an extensive line of digital products that have proven themselves to be on the leading edge of hearing technology.

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Meet Our Providers

Nancy Napolitano, MS, CCC

Nancy graduated in the 1980’s with both an undergraduate degree and graduate degree in Communication Disorders-Audiology. Her Grandmother was hearing impaired due to Diptheria as a child and wore a body aid until Nancy was able to fit her with her first Behind the Ear hearing aids.
Nancy has worked with hearing loss all her life. She enjoys gardening, reading, and spending time with her family, friends and her pets. In her spare time, she has a glass studio where she does glass fusing for a gallery in the Southwest, as well as for folks in her area.

“I am committed to bringing the latest hearing care technology and unmatched care to my patients every day. It is my mission to ensure my patients enjoy all that life has to offer.”