Hearing Loss & Weight Gain

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Hearing Loss & Weight Gain      

This is the time of year when many of us are prone to put on a few pounds. Perhaps you find yourself not quite as active as you were in the summer months. Add on top of that the gratuitous leftover candy dish after Halloween and the impending food fest that is the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s no wonder that it sometimes becomes easy to lose track of our moderation.

For many people, the weight gain is seasonal. For those who have been overweight for an extended period of time, there are additional side effects that may not always be considered, including the effect on your hearing. Our inner ears are fine-tuned machines made up of tubes and nerve endings. One piece of this complex puzzle is in your auditory hair cells. These hair cells detect sound and turn it into electrical signals sent to your brain.

So, what do auditory hair cells have to do with weight management? Studies have shown that healthy blood flow and oxygen are a contributing factor when it comes to the health of these cells. Obesity can make it difficult for oxygen to effectively breathe life into these cells. Obesity can also contribute to high blood pressure, which can cause ringing in your ears, also known as tinnitus.

The slight weight gain that comes with the holiday festivities will likely not be a cause for concern regarding your hearing health. If, however, you have a history of obesity and/or high blood pressure, it is recommended that you visit a hearing healthcare professional for a hearing test. They will be able to determine if you might require additional treatment.