Flaunt Your Hearing Aids Proudly!

Hearing loss is often associated with growing older and therefore a hearing aid can often be viewed as a symbol of old age. The hearing healthcare professionals at Belsono Hearing Centers and Hearing Health USA believe it is time to break that stigma and encourage wearers to flaunt their hearing aids!

The #FlauntYourHearingAids campaign is designed to encourage an open dialogue about hearing loss and hearing aid use. The idea is to show the masses that anyone can be affected by hearing loss and that wearing hearing aids will not cramp their style.

We are encouraging everyone to submit their photos of themselves or loved ones “flaunting their hearing aids” for a chance to be featured on our website and social media pages.

Two ways to submit your pictures

Follow us on social media , post your pictures with the #FlauntYourHearingAids hashtag


Upload your photos by clicking this link.

Submit photos of yourself of other extraordinary people
you know flaunting their hearing aids.
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