“Communication: The Key to Connection”

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Every year the month of May is dedicated to raising awareness about communication disorders and available treatments. For 2017, The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association set the theme “Communication: The Key to Connection.”

Keeping with that theme Hearing Health USA is making it a point to tell you why caring for your hearing should be an important part of your yearly medical routines. The ability to communicate effectively is what sets us apart from all other life forms. When we lose that ability many aspects of our life are affected. Hearing loss can affect a person’s confidence and therefore make them feel socially isolated. In many cases, social isolation not only destroys personal relationships but also decreases an individual’s earnings abilities.

On average a person with loss loses $30,000 a year in potential earnings, due to an inability to perform job duties effectively. Seeing as the larger percentage of people suffering from hearing loss are under the age of 65 and still integrated into the workforce, this can certainly be a troublesome issue. If the thought of missing out on potential earnings isn’t enough to make you take your hearing health seriously, here are other ways that your hearing can affect your quality of life.

  1. Increased fatigue, tension, and stress
  2. Impaired memory
  3. Reduced alertness and balance
  4. Irritability and anger

Untreated hearing loss has also been linked through extensive research to cognitive disorders such as dementia. If you or a loved one are having trouble understanding speech clearly in a group of people or find yourself constantly having to ask others to repeat themselves it may be time to get your hearing evaluated. For the month of May when you come in to any of our locations for a free hearing evaluation you will be entered in our special drawing to win a free* cruise! Click here to find a clinic near you.

*Valued up to $1,000. One lucky winner will be drawn out of all participants. The drawing will take place on Friday, June 30, 2017 at 115 Route 46, Ste. G51, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046. Employees are not eligible for this drawing.