When to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

  • September 04, 2018
When to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

For those of us who wear hearing aids, there is always a wonder as to when it’s the appropriate time to get an upgrade. You may ask, “Is it best to wait until they break down and no longer work?” or “What are the advantages to upgrading on a regular basis?”.

To answer simply, hearing aids, like anything that gets used frequently, have a limited lifespan. The technology also advances quite quickly, with newer models and features hitting the market every year.

The following are some common reasons why most people upgrade, in addition to some tips for helping you determine when it might be the right time for a new pair.

When a significant change occurs in lifestyle or hearing abilities

A common reason why individuals upgrade their hearing aids is due to their current pair no longer achieving the best fit. Changes in lifestyle or hearing abilities can warrant updating a device.

A new work environment, hobby, or family life change can create different demands on a hearing aids functionality. Consider scheduling an appointment with a hearing health care provider to see if upgrading your hearing aids could benefit you.

You have had your hearing aids for several years

Another common reason people upgrade their technology is the wear and tear experienced over time.

Similar to clothing, hearing aids experience a certain amount of deterioration. The typical lifespan of a hearing aid can be anywhere from three to five years. The actual life of the device itself depends on the brand and model. Quite a few can last even longer with proper care and maintenence.

Here are some telltale signs that it’s time to start thinking about a new pair:

  • Having to turn up the volume more frequently
  • Difficulty in hearing situations that were previously not challenging to hear
  • Sounds of static or white noise from your hearing aids
  • Frequent repairs

Interest in trying a new look (or new technology)

Before the typical three-year renewal mark, many people upgrade their hearing aids because technology has advanced so quickly that the market’s latest devices provide features their current hearing aids may not be capable of—or that they simply cannot wait to own it.

With hearing technology, the innovation behind the science and technology is on-par with other major electronics categories such as cell phones and computers. New improvements in both aesthetics and features always on the horizon, and include smaller, smarter and more streamlined devices.

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