What to Expect During A Hearing Screening Via In-Person or TeleHealth!

  • August 28, 2020
What to Expect During A Hearing Screening Via In-Person or TeleHealth!

Getting your hearing checked can be a lot easier than you think. Since it is an important part of an overall health checkup you should have your hearing tested annually along side your other health screenings. At Hearing Health USA, we make it easy by offering the opportunity to screen your hearing at one of our 200 clinics or via our telehealth services from the convenience and safety of your own home. The entire test can take around 30 minutes or less and is completely painless! 

Hearing Screening 

During a hearing screening at Hearing Health USA, a licensed hearing health professional will conduct several evaluations to determine your level of hearing and then review the results with you. We begin by asking you about your health history along with questions about your daily noise exposure and family history of hearing problems. Next, the hearing health expert will use a handheld otoscope to view the inner parts of your ears, (https://www.starkey.com/blog/2017/03/What-to-expect-at-your-first-audiology-appointment) looking for any blockage, irritation or earwax, which may interfere with the test. At some of our locations, the hearing health professionals will use a camera device that is displayed on a viewing screen so you can see what the inside of your ears look like. Call in advanced to see if this option is available.  

In office hearing tests 
The patient sits in one of our sound-proof rooms or booths, in order to prevent noise distractions, and ensure an accurate test. While in a comfortable chair, the patient will wear earphones that transmit sounds and tones to test hearing abilities. Our hearing health specialist will sit out of view, so the patient does not see when the expert is initiating a tone or sound. The test involves several steps below.  

  • Pressure TestEvaluates the middle ear and eardrums functionality and movement.  
  • Pure-tone audiometry testMeasures the patient’s sensitivity to sounds and the range of hearing. 
  • Speech audiometry testEvaluates the patient’s ability to understand conversational speech and speech sounds.  

After the screening, our hearing health professional will discuss the results immediately and recommend if treatment is needed. When hearing aids are needed you can often have them fit the same day, rather than having to make a second trip or go to a different location. Our well trained and compassionate hearing care providers will provide top-of-the-line hearing aids to accurately fit your type of loss. 

Online hearing tests are increasing in popularity and availability. A virtual assessment can be a great starting place for your hearing care journey and give you the option to evaluate your hearing without having to come into the office. Getting an online audiogram or hearing test is easy and follows the same guidelines as a traditional in office hearing test with a few exceptions. Often speech testing and bone-conduction testing will need to be completed in person as a follow up to the online hearing assessment. Hearing aid fittings, adjustments and counseling can be completed via telehealth as well.  

During these unprecedented times, Hearing Health USA remains 100% dedicated to supporting our community with their hearing care needs during COVID-19. As our communities practice social distancing, we are proud to offer expanded TeleHealth services. TeleHealth offers the option of virtual appointments from licensed and certified hearing care professionals who are highly trained to help you. Our team is able to offer hearing assessments, counseling and fine-tuning via phone or Internet. These services allow us to continue to support your communication needs now and in the future.  

If you or a loved one are experiencing hearing deficiencies, contact 888-333-9730 to schedule a hearing screening. To schedule a TeleHealth appointment, visit hearinghealthusa.com/telehealth or call 888-635-9467. Hearing Health USA has over 220 clinics in the United States. Our trained staff and compassionate hearing health consultant’s provide optimal care and solutions for every lifestyle and budget. Our goal is to allow our patients to better their hearing and overall quality of life.