What Happens During Hearing Aid Repairs?

  • November 16, 2018
What Happens During Hearing Aid Repairs?

Hearing aids now mimic the idea of a tiny computers, considering how much technology is included in devices these days. However, hearing aids being just like your TV or computer, they eventually stop working, unfortunately.

If your hearing aids stops working, it is best to know why and be aware of the reasons. When this happens, we advise getting in touch with your audiologist and schedule a hearing aid repair. Here are some of the things to expect at your appointment.

Scheduling your repair

Firstly, you need to schedule an appointment with a clinic near you. An audiologist will help you and be aware of the most common issues devices experience and the best way to fix them. They also have spare parts for the repair and the expertise necessary to complete the repairs quickly and effectively. Anyone other than a hearing healthcare professional could cause you to waste a long period of time before they are repaired. They also may not repair the hearing aids to perform correctly.

How long will the repair take?

Generally, an audiology appointment takes one hour. However, this isn’t saying the repair will be completed in an hour and depends on the exact issue at hand. If the issue is minor, the repair could only take a couple of minutes. A worst-case scenario may be discovering that the hearing aid cannot be fixed with the tools currently in the audiologist’s facility, which will need to be mailed back to the manufacturer. This may take up to two to three weeks of time to repair. Undoubtedly, the audiologist will take any measures necessary to repair your device.

What will the audiologist do?

To begin, an audiologist will first look at your device and assess the issue. Signs the device is broken or worn down is not being able to turn the device on or hearing a buzzing noise when in use. No matter what the problem is, an audiologist will be troubleshooting to ensure the hearing aid needs repair. Like any other piece of technology, the problem could be a technical issue. Your audiologist will not charge you for a repair if none is necessary.

If you are experiencing issues with your hearing aid or hearing in general, find a clinic near you and schedule an appointment today. Remember to take the best care of your devices, in order to live a happy life of healthy hearing.