Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Loved Ones with Hearing Loss

  • February 08, 2017
Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Loved Ones with Hearing Loss

It’s time to start thinking about what to get your sweetie for Valentine’s Day. This can sometimes be a difficult task if your loved one suffers form hearing loss. No worries, HHUSA has come up with a list of gifts that are both thoughtful and useful for your the special someone in your life.

  • Custom Coupon Book: creating a special coupon book for your loved one with hearing loss is the ultimate romantic gesture. Below are some examples for what you can include:
    • One round trip ticket for your next audiologist appointment
    • One free hearing aid cleaning
    • A coupon for a two-month supply of batteries and tubing

Also, include non-hearing-loss related gestures like coupons for a free massage, dinner and movie date or “a lifetime supply of hugs and kisses”.

  • Jewelry: When in doubt always choose jewelry, for your loved ones with hearing loss consider purchasing a medical ID piece. You can choose from bracelets, necklaces, ankle bracelets, tags or a charm. In case of an emergency, the medical id piece will state the person’s name, phone number and “hearing impaired”. There are many trendy pieces to choose from to compliment your sweetheart’s style.
  • Something with a meaningful saying: Pull at your special someone’s heartstrings by getting them an item with a meaningful saying. Choose from a throw blanket, pillow, wall art, or even jewelry and engrave a special saying that is meaningful to you as a couple or a quote.
    • Sample Quotes:
      • love is deaf…you can’t just tell someone you love them. You have to show it.”
      • “kindness is a language which deaf can hear and the blind can see”
      • “hear with your ears, listen with your heart”

So, remember, the theme for Valentines day is love! Go all out and show the one you love how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them for who they are. Following this guide is sure to add some points in the thoughtful department for your relationship.