Using Music for Mental Health

  • May 08, 2019
Using Music for Mental Health

Regardless of loving metal, pop, indie, or alternative,
music contributes with improving people’s overall mood and helps individuals
cope with difficult emotions. Here are some of the ways the sounds of music can
be used as a tool to better your life.

How does music
improve mental health?

Generally, it has been acknowledged that listening as well
as creating music can have numerous positive effects on mood and mental health.
Incorporating music into everyday life can assist with:

  • Elevating mood and motivation
  • Aiding in relaxation
  • Increasing the efficiency of brain processing.

There are many links between music and mental health, but
how can you use it in your day-to-day life?


Classical music is the winner for most-likely to help a
person focus. When the tempo is 60 bpm (beats per minute), there is an increase
in efficiency in the brain processing information. To utilize it in the best way,
we recommend playing it softly in the background as you complete your daily

Social Connection

Music can help strive away feelings of isolation and
loneliness. People become more connected to one another through sharing
playlists with friends or meeting like-minded people at your favorite band’s
next performance.


A major tip is to try turning to music for help the next
time you find it difficult to talk to others about your emotions. If you have
the ability to create your own music, whether it’s strumming a guitar or
writing song lyrics, this practice can help an individual express and process
their emotions. Instead of the way it sounds, this practice is more about how
it makes you feel. Bear in mind, the only person who has to hear your music, is


Listening to music can actually inspire your brain think
more creatively. Experiment with different types of music to see what works
best for you.


Music benefits the body by encouraging it to relax. The right
kind of music, with a combination of comfy clothing and a pleasant setting, can
lead to a calm and blissful mood of relaxation in no time.


Having trouble getting off the couch, and need motivation to
vacuum, study, or get exercise? Utilize your favorite music as a motivational
force to be more productive. Turn the volume up on one of your favorite tunes
and your chances of getting started will increase exponentially.

Be sure to check back to our blog for more advice towards
how the sounds around you can improve your quality of life. If you would like
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Protect your hearing, so you can enjoy the music that plays throughout your
life’s journey.