Top 4 Exercises for Healthier Ears

  • June 04, 2018
Top 4 Exercises for Healthier Ears

Exercise is an excellent way to stay healthy, build stamina, endurance and lose weight. Did you also know that it can be beneficial to your hearing? How much exercise is necessary to improve one’s hearing and ear function? Here are a few ways to increase our ear’s health and functionality:


Cardiovascular exercise increases the body’s blood flow, including blood to the head. The larger muscle movements that individuals can truly benefit from are walking, bicycling, and swimming for at least 20-30 minutes at a time, five days a week.

As a person gets older, it becomes more important to maintain or increase aerobic fitness, which directly relates to improvement in cardiovascular health. Maintaining a good workout regimen will positively affect hearing sensitivity.


Yoga is a collection of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines, originating from ancient India. Yoga postures, such as cobra, the tree, triangle, etc, help with the circulation in your ear and brain. The benefits of good circulation are health nerve functions and the removal of toxins and waste.

Eye Exercises

A person’s balance is controlled by a part of the inner ear called the vestibular system. The eyes are also a part of this system, and work together with the inner ear to stabilize vision while a person walks or moves. Problems with the inner ear can affect sight, causing blurry vision. For those looking to exercise the eye, focus on a stationary object in front of you, then slowly move your head from one side to the other, then up and down, tracking the object with your eye. This exercise should be performed in a set of 20 moves each time it is performed. It may cause dizziness, but over time the off-balance feelings will subside.


Audio books are an excellent way to keep the ears and brain working together. Intense listening to a book on tape is considered a low-level exercise. To increase the challenge, an individual can listen to an audiobook while following along in a hard copy as the tape plays.

Exercise your ears today! For more tips and tricks, find a clinic near you and speak to a hearing healthcare professional. They love hearing patients share their healthy hearing workout regimens.