How To Take Care of Your Hearing Aids In The Summertime

  • August 03, 2016
How To Take Care of Your Hearing Aids In The Summertime

Summer is in full swing and so are the activities that make people crave to be outside to take advantage of the hot days and cool nights. For those who have hearing aids, there are some challenges presented that can leave you at risk for damaging them. With the hot temperatures outside and the abundance of water related activities, it’s easy for your hearing aids to become permanently damaged if you don’t take precautions beforehand. Here are a few ways to help protect your hearing aids during summertime activities:

1. If you exercise outside, remove your hearing aids if there is inclement weather or if it is extremely hot outside.

Lady paddling the kayak in the calm tropical bay at sunset

2. If you live in a humid area, open the battery door to let air pass through the aid to dry it overnight.

3. When you are not wearing your hearing aids, always store them in a dry case and away from direct sunlight.

4. Do not store your hearing aids in places where heat and moisture can build up such as bathrooms, glove boxes, and some handbags.

5. If you are going to be outside all day and need to apply sunscreen, remove your hearing aids before applying. The oils from sunscreens can damage the delicate electronics inside, so always make sure to fully rub in your sunscreen or lotion so that it dries and doesn’t damage your hearing aids when you put them back in.

6. Always remove hearing aids before any activity that involves water or getting wet such as swimming or showering.

For even more tips and methods to help protect your hearing aids, consult with one of our hearing health care professionals as to what you can do to properly take care of your hearing aids. If you’re continually having issues with your hearing aids, be sure to schedule an appointment with a hearing health care provider as soon as possible. To find a provider near you, visit