How To Take Care of Your Hearing Aid

  • July 05, 2016
How To Take Care of Your Hearing Aid

If you own a hearing aid, you may or may not know that maintaining your hearing aid is as essential as brushing your teeth. These maintenance tips can range from replacing parts of your hearing aids to handling it, and cleaning it. The three places on a hearing aid that need to be kept clean are the shell, the microphone, and the receiver. Here are some steps you can take in order to keep your hearing aid clean, functional, and able to last a long time:

  1. Change the batteries in your hearing aid.
  2. Schedule professional cleanings with your hearing care professionalhearing aid battery care
  3. Keep your hearing aids in safe places away from children or pets
  4. Remove any visible earwax with a clean cloth, but not one that is dripping wet
  5. Do not wear hearing aids while in the shower
  6. Do not use any chemical cleaners on your cloth to clean your hearing aid
  7. When cleaning the receiver, do not use too much force or it will cause damage
  8. Make sure the batteries are always charged and working at a sufficient level
  9. Always keep spare batteries with you in case the ones in your hearing aid die
  10. Don’t drop your hearing aids as they are sensitive, intricate instruments
  11. Keep your hearing aid in cool, dry places to not damage the internal components

Hearing AidFor even more tips as to how to properly take care of your hearing aid, consult with one of our hearing health care professionals as to what you can do to preserve your hearing aid for as long as possible before replacement is the only option. If you’re continually having issues with hearing in general, be sure to schedule an appointment with a hearing health care provider as soon as possible.
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