Starkey Ushers in New Era of Sensor and AI-driven Hearing Aids with Livio AI

  • October 12, 2018
Starkey Ushers in New Era of Sensor and AI-driven Hearing Aids with Livio AI

On Monday, August 27th, 2018, a momentous occasion was held for Starkey Hearing Technologies. Employees and guests were treated to a raucous event resembling a rock concert to unveil their latest product, the Livio AI. This new multipurpose, sensor-driven hearing aid was introduced by Starkey’s CTO and EVP of Engineering Achin Bhowmik, PhD. The announcement compared to the release of the first iPhone in terms of its potential for reinventing hearing aids and exciting the crowd with its unbelievable features.

The Livio AI contains quite a few firsts for hearing aids and is considered a multi-functional device. Starkey has been referring to the Livio AI as a “Healthable™” hearing technology. Some of these new functions include fall-detection and inertial sensors, tracking a “brain and body score” with fitness and wellness tracking, a language translator that works in real-time, and the ability to control the hearing aid by just tapping it. Here are some of the “ecosystem” that this incredible new device revolves around:

Artificial intelligence (AI);

Cloud computing;

Machine learning;


Embedded 3D motion sensors;

Language translation;

Fall detection and alerts, and

Hearing aid accessories.

Starkey President Brandon Sawalich said in his opening remarks, “Today, we made the impossible, possible. We’re going to start looking forward… Our capacity is limitless, and we’re going to change the conversation on hearing aids for people. We’re going to make hearing aids cool.”

The Chief Innovation Officer for Starkey, David Fabry, PhD, categorizes this experience as the “gamification” of overall physical and brain work, challenging its users to reach new goals.

We look forward to the incredible advances Starkey is ushering in with their amazing new hearing aids. Are you experiencing hearing loss? Schedule an appointment today with a hearing healthcare professional who can determine if hearing aids are right for you. Be sure to check back to our blog soon for more innovations, latest developments, and advancements in the world of health hearing.

Watch the launch video here!