How to Prolong the Life of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

  • March 29, 2017
How to Prolong the Life of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

On average a battery for larger or non-wireless hearing aids may last two weeks, while the batteries for smaller or wireless hearing aids may last two or three days. In general, the life of a hearing aid largely depends on the kind of hearing aid you have, how often it is used, and the type of batteries purchased. Audiology Online found that a battery’s life gets consumed twice as fast if the hearing aid is used to stream audio from your TV or other devices. Here are some tips from experts on how to help prolong the life of your battery and more importantly keep some extra cash to your pocket!

  • Don’t remove the protective seals from the battery until you are ready to put the battery to use. Fun Fact: The moment the back of the battery makes contact with air it actively starts to use energy.
  • Keep unused sealed batteries in dry cool places and away from extreme temperatures.
  • When your hearing aids are not in use, open the battery door to minimize battery drain.
  • Consider purchasing rechargeable batteries if available for your hearing aid device.
  • Try out different battery brands to see which brands will work best and last longer for your hearing aids.

Following these expert tips will surely increase the length of your hearing aid battery life. Each hearing health clinic in our network has batteries for sale find the location closest to you and stock up on batteries!