When Not To Wear Your Hearing Aids

  • April 20, 2017
When Not To Wear Your Hearing Aids

At Hearing Health USA our hearing healthcare providers recommend wearing your hearing aids whenever possible to gain the ultimate results, but they also agree that there are times when you shouldn’t have them in.  Even though most of the technology today is moisture protected, it is not moisture proof so hearing aids should never be worn while swimming, in a sauna or while in the shower. In addition, you should never wear your hearing aids when getting a haircut or when using any type of hair products such as hairspray. Chemicals like this can clog the microphones and cause the hearing aids to stop working. We also advise not wearing your hearing aids when around extremely loud sounds. Instead, hearing protection such as insert plugs or noise muffs is recommended. Finally, if you are participating in any extreme contact sports where the ears are not protected, then leaving your hearing aids out is best. Protecting your hearing aids from these types of situations will prolong the length of your hearing aids’ life.

Article By: 

Dr. Stephanie Rosenblum, Au.D, CCC-A, FAAA

Physician Hearing Center in Macedonia, OH