Hearing Loss Is Connected To Other Health Conditions

  • June 16, 2016
Hearing Loss Is Connected To Other Health Conditions

Did you know that approximately 48 million Americans have some form of hearing loss? Even more shockingly is that hearing loss can be a symptom of deeper health issues that could be occurring without your knowledge. Hearing loss is linked in many ways to complications that you could already be experiencing or it could be a side effect to many diagnosed illnesses. Some of those with hearing loss already are at risk for other health problems.<!–Capture–>

One of the most significant links between hearing loss and overall health conditions is that those experiencing hearing loss are 5x more likely to be at risk for Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Hearing loss has also been linked to diabetes, and those that are living with it have a greater risk of developing hearing loss at any point after diagnosis.

Studies have shown there is also a very close link between those who have hearing loss and those who have or are at risk for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). Researchers believe that the cardiovascular system is linked to hearing because if there is an inadequate blood flow to your heart, it will have the same effect on the blood vessels within your ear canal, which can then lead to some form of hearing loss. The ear is considered to be one of the most sensitive systems of the body, and can be seen as a window to the heart because abnormalities can be noted earlier in the ear than in other parts of the body. Individuals who are at least 40 and experiencing hearing loss that is not noise-induced, should make getting their heart checked a priority.

Hearing loss also contributes to people losing their balance and falling more often.  The loss of balance comes from the person’s inability to hear certain sounds.  Capture2

There is also a correlation of older men having hearing loss and an increased mortality rate from almost anything, including undiagnosed cardiovascular disease. Lack of social interaction due to hearing loss can also lead to feelings of loneliness and decreased immune system responses. For both men and women who used hearing aids, although they had severe hearing loss, the use of hearing aids kept their brain active and the mortality risk for them went down as opposed to this who weren’t using any kind of hearing aids.

This may not be surprising to many, but hearing loss is one of the numerous causes of depression due to a drop in the quality of life for those individuals. Those with hearing loss are known to have more stress and experience bad moods more often than their peers who have healthy hearing. It is easy to see how having hearing loss can cause additional stress, considering how the sufferer has trouble hearing people speak, enjoying the sounds of nature or their favorite music.

It is important to take care of your general health and pay attention to the warning signs of more serious health conditions. To find an audiologist near you, visit https://www.hearinghealthusa.com/find-a-clinic/ to schedule an appointment today. Take control and live a better, richer life full of wonderful sounds!

Information source from our friends at: http://www.betterhearing.org/news/use-these-graphics-amp-attention-hearing-loss

Hearing Loss and Other Health Issues

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