Hearing Loss and Traveling

  • July 10, 2019
Hearing Loss and Traveling

A great way to relax
and to recharge the mental batteries is through traveling and spending time
with family and friends. Unfortunately for those who suffer from hearing loss,
traveling can become increasingly challenging. The following are some helpful
tips to make traveling smoother and safer for those looking to protect their

Preparing to Travel

Its always smart to have a travel plan, even when traveling
alone. There is a plethora of helpful resources, including online flight
reservations, hotels, transportation and activities. It can be a helpful tip to
try and find a seat on a train or flight where you can easily communicate with
the crew if needed.

If you are planning activities while on the go, ask or call
ahead to where you are staying to see if there are accommodations for people
who have hearing loss. A large amount of guided tours features options for
those who need hearing and listening assistance, with many of them able to even
access and pair with certain brands of hearing aids. When staying in a hotel,
ask the manager if they can provide you with a visual phone, alarm clock, and
fire alarms.

Packing Properly

A beneficial and
time saving idea before traveling is creating a checklist for everything you
need. Some of the supplies you should consider choosing include batteries,
storage cases, cleaning tools, chargers, wax traps, as well as wireless

If you are traveling abroad, be sure to include a voltage
converter, allowing you to charge your devices in different types of adaptors.
If a destination is going to be humid, pack a hearing aid drying kid to help
reduce the amount of moisture your device is exposed to.


A helpful reminder
when going through airport security is to leave your hearing aids on. TSA has
recommended that passengers inform security officers prior to screening
regarding their hearing loss. For more information, visit
their website

Protecting Your

Ear plugs can help
save your hearing when traveling. The loud noises caused by airplanes can lead
to hearing damage, more so during long flights. If planning to attend loud
activities such as concerts, sporting events, or hunting, be sure to pack ear
plugs to help safeguard your hearing no matter where your travels take you.

Ask our expert team of hearing healthcare professions for
more information to help protect your hearing while traveling by scheduling an
through our website. We hope you have a safe journey with
healthy hearing on your next adventure.