Hearing Aids Vs. Amplifiers

  • September 28, 2017
Hearing Aids Vs. Amplifiers

Amplifiers may be appealing to patients because of the noticeably lower prices, however, there is a huge difference between amplifiers and hearing aids as well as some medical concerns.

The FDA released guidance that states amplifiers are not actually intended for people with hearing loss, but for people with normal hearing to amplify sounds in their environment for reasons such as recreation.

Below is a list comparing both hearing aids and amplifiers composed by Alexa Pomante, Au.D., F-AAA, one of the hearing healthcare providers in our network.


  • Make EVERYTHING louder which can result in distortion. This also makes it harder to hear in background noise and uncomfortable to hear loud sounds.
  • Typically “one size fits all”.
  • No professional to help with use or care of the devices.
  • Cannot be adjusted based on your individual needs.
  • No features such as noise reduction or directional microphones to help in more challenging environments.
  • Over amplification can result in further damage to hearing.
  • No additional services included in pricing.

    Hearing Aids
  • Medical device fine-tuned specifically to your individual hearing loss.
  • Individualized to fit your ear to ensure proper retention, comfort, and cosmetics.
  • A highly trained hearing care professional will help you every step of the way.
  • Can be adjusted based on your personal input and needs.
  • Include advanced features to help you in more challenging environments such as restaurants, church, etc.
  • Include several different levels of technology to accommodate your lifestyle, listening needs, and budget.
  • The more advanced the hearing aid, the more automatic the hearing aids operate instantaneously based on the listening environment.
  • Ability to activate volume control and/or program change for certain models.
  • Additional services include: warranty, loss and damage, batteries, and lifetime services for programming adjustments/cleaning.

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