Do You Hear That? Winter is Coming!

  • November 09, 2017
Do You Hear That? Winter is Coming!

As we move into the full swing of autumn, many parts of the country are already experiencing the cold snaps that come along with the change of season. Many of us in the cold weather states are taking time for the elements by organizing our winter wardrobe, getting heaters inspected and drafty locations in our home better insulated. The cold weather not only affects how we feel on the outside. It can have an impact on our hearing and what is happening inside of our ears.

Cold weather can cause ear pain and discomfort due to several factors.

  • Surfer’s Ear: Although this sounds like a summertime issue, surfer’s ear or exostosis can occur after spending long periods of time in the cold, snow or wet weather.
  • Hardening of ear wax: Especially true for those with hearing aids, cold weather can cause the wax in your ear canal to harden, potentially causing discomfort and additional hearing loss.
  • Cold weather can cause abnormal bone growths within the ear canal, creating a barrier to your ear canal. This is simply your body’s way of trying to protect itself.

There are several steps you can take to protect your ears for the coming.

  • Protect your ears with ear muffs or a hat long enough to cover your ears. Keeping the body heat insulated around your head will minimize your ears from the elements.
  • Use ear wax drops if you are experiencing wax buildup.
  • Store your hearing aid in a hearing aid dehumidifier. These storage containers help remove moisture, dries wax, kills germs and deodorizes your hearing aids.

Taking these few preventative steps can help keep your hearing sharp and ears pain free through the most frigid of temperatures.

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