Healthy Hearing Guide for Summer

  • June 14, 2018
Healthy Hearing Guide for Summer

Healthy Hearing Guide for Summer

This summer, while adventuring in the outdoors, taking a break from your workday, or simply enjoying the nice weather, it is important to remember that it’s never a good idea to take a vacation from hearing health.

With so many families and friends vacationing, hanging on the beach, or participating in outdoor activities, you’ll want to make sure that you can hear to the best of your ability.  Here are some tips to protect your hearing during summer events.

June – Father’s Day

If you are taking your Dad to a sporting event this Father’s Day, it would be a good idea to bring hearing protection along too. Ear plugs are an inexpensive way to safeguard your hearing. They can be found at most drugstores and can reduce decibel levels by as much as 33 dB.

It may also be a good time to see how well your dad’s hearing is functioning. After the age of 65, one out of three Americans will experience some sort of hearing loss. If you begin to notice your father asking you and others to repeat yourself or answer questions in an odd fashion, it may be a good time to politely suggest a hearing test. Be sure to remind your father that you are approaching this issue with love, and that untreated hearing loss can lead to a variety of medical conditions such as dementia and balance problems.

July – Independence Day

Our nations birthday is a celebration that fills the night sky with a beautiful array of colors and shapes. Along with these dazzling spectacles, there also comes damaging noise. Protect your ears while honoring America this 4th of July with hearing protection.

It may be a good time to use this holiday as a way to educate your family on noise induced hearing loss, explaining that it is permanent but also preventable. Set a good example by wearing hearing plugs when loud noise is present and carrying spares to share with family members.

September – Labor Day

With all of the nice weather enjoyed all summer, there’s nothing more enjoyable than taking a dip in the swimming pool or ocean. Now that you’ve been protecting your ears all summer from loud noises, it’s also time to protect them from moisture, especially if you wear hearing aids.

Be sure to keep your ears dry after swimming. Do not use cotton swabs to clean or dry your ears once you are out of the water. Ear plugs, or bathing caps can be used in the pool while swimming to protect your ears.

We hope the rest of your summer is safe, fun, and enjoyable. Spread the message of healthy hearing to your friends and loved ones, and if there are any concerns involving hearing loss be sure use our clinic locator to find the clinic nearest you. You can schedule an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional in one of our many clinics all across the country. We promise to protect your hearing this summer, no matter where your travels end up taking you.