Foods That Are Linked to Preventing Hearing Loss

  • July 11, 2016
Foods That Are Linked to Preventing Hearing Loss

Diet and hearing health; what in the world do they have to do with each other? A lot actually. Various scientific studies have shown that some of the foods you eat might be the key to help prevent hearing loss or prevent further loss if it is already present. These foods contain important nutrients like Vitamin C, D, E, magnesium, and zinc. And a healthy diet isn’t the only factor in helping prevent hearing loss; proper exercise or any kind of physical activity during the day is also a key factor in keeping your hearing health in check.

What are some of the foods that you should be eating as an alternative to the high carbohydrate and high calorie foods some of us eat every day? Generally, the foods that have a correlation to better hearing health are generally unprocessed meats, fruits and vegetables. Foods to avoid that increase your risk of hearing loss in addition to other health problems include candy, processed meats like bacon and sausage, fried snacks like potato chips, and foods full of salt and unnecessary amounts of calories.

Blog collageBelow are some of the foods that are believed to be linked with hearing loss prevention:

Bananas– They contain magnesium, which act as a protective barrier for delicate hair cells.

Oranges-Contain potassium, vitamin c & e. Vitamin C boosts your immune system to fight off ear infections.

Broccoli-Contain folic acid which is an antioxidant.

Fish– Omega 3 fats and Vitamin D. Omega 3’s are key to helping protect the heart.

Dark chocolate-Contains zinc. Zinc is key to help fight off ear infections.

For even more health tips and ways to prevent hearing loss, consult with one of our hearing health care professionals as to what you can do to preserve your hearing. If you’re continually having issues with your hearing, be sure to schedule an appointment with a hearing health care provider as soon as possible. To find a provider near you, visit

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