How to Change a Hearing Aid Battery

  • July 11, 2017
How to Change a Hearing Aid Battery

Depending on the hearing aid style and how long you wear them, hearing aid batteries can last anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks. As a device owner, it is important to know how to change your batteries. Below are a few simple steps to replacing your hearing aid batteries:

1. Uncover
After taking the battery out of the packaging, remove the sticky label from the “+” of the new battery. Wait a full minute before inserting the battery into the device so that they battery can have time absorb oxygen and activate. This will ensure they will have full power in your hearing aids, and will last awhile.
diagram of removing a battery sticker

2. Remove
Open the battery drawer on your device and remove the old battery.
diagram of opening a hearing aid battery compartment

3. Insert
Insert the new battery into the drawer. Be sure that the “+” is facing upward. If you have installed the batteries correctly, closing the door of the drawer will be easy. If closing the door is difficult, check to make sure that that the battery is facing the correct way.
diagram of inserting a battery into a hearing aid

4. Close
Close the battery drawer completely. Often times, the device will play a jingle to ensure that you properly replaced and installed a new battery.
diagram of closing the hearing aid battery compartment

Bonus tip: Place a towel on the surface that you are changing your batteries on. If for some reason your battery drops, it will not bounce onto the floor.

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