Celebrities with Hearing Loss

  • January 24, 2017
Celebrities with Hearing Loss

Award season is in full swing and all your favorite celebrities are gearing up to hit numerous red carpets. It’s no hidden fact that we sometimes uphold these famous people to a higher regard and they are deemed “perfect” by the media, but guess what? Some of your favorite actors suffer from forms of hearing loss just like you!

Lou Ferrigno (Bodybuilder and TV’s Incredible Hulk) – Ferrigno lost 75% of his hearing at the early age of three because of an ear infection; he’s been wearing hearing aids since the age of four.

Whoopi Goldberg – She has said in interviews that she must wear hearing aids now because of exposure to loud music.

Rob Lowe – An undiagnosed case of the mumps as a baby left The Outsiders actor totally deaf in one ear.

Halle Berry – Unfortunately, the Academy and Golden Globe winning actress was in an abusive relationship at one point and because of being struck repeatedly in her ear, she lost 80% of her hearing in the left ear.

Stephen Colbert – Due to a tumor doctors found in Colbert’s right ear as a young child, his ear drum had to removed. Thus, he is totally deaf in the left ear.

Jane Lynch – By her own account, Lynch attributes her hearing loss to a bought with a high fever when she was a baby. She noticed her hearing loss at the age of 7 while playing with her brother.

Holly Hunter – Best known for her roles in Raising ArizonaThirteen, and The Firm, Hunter also had a diagnosis of the Mumps that resulted in becoming deaf in the left ear.

Anyone can be affected by a type of hearing loss, no matter the person’s status or profession. A case of hearing loss doesn’t have to be a burden on your everyday life, use these actors as an example! Contact us today to get on the road to better hearing.