Celebrities and Their Hearing Loss Journey

  • January 04, 2019
Celebrities and Their Hearing Loss Journey

With the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards right around the corner, you may be surprised to know that many of the celebrities you have been familiar with over the years suffer from hearing loss. Below are just a few of the personalities that have come forward to share their experience in how hearing loss has affected their lives.

Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton ignored his hearing difficulties for years until his doctors diagnosed him with high-frequency hearing deficiency. Described as an inability to distinguish sounds in noisy, crowded situations with a lot of background chatter (such as restaurants, theaters or political rallies), high-frequency hearing deficiency is the most common form of hearing loss. Linked to aging and exposure to loud noise, Mr. Clinton now wears two in-canal hearing aids.

President Bill Clinton posing for a photo with two fans

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster confessed to a Chicago Tribune reporter that she’s not very good about taking care of her own health needs, especially “this hearing-loss thing”, after experiencing mysterious attacks of vertigo. She now has been seen wearing a hearing aid.

Stephen Colbert

The Emmy-winning talk show host and political satirist was in elementary school when doctors discovered a tumor in his right ear. In order to remove it safely, they also had to remove Colbert’s eardrum, resulting in deafness in that ear.

Rob Lowe

When Rob Lowe was a baby, undiagnosed mumps left him totally deaf in his right ear. “Really loud restaurants drive me ballistic,” Lowe told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I live in a mono world. I wish I could [hear in] stereo. But other than that, I don’t think about my hearing loss.’’

Lou Ferrigno

Unforgettable as TV’s Incredible Hulk, actor and former bodybuilder Ferrigno lost 75 percent of his hearing at the age of 3 due to an ear infection. Ever since, he was worn hearing aids since he was 4. “I think my hearing loss helped create a determination within me to be all I can be, and gave me a certain strength of character, too,” Ferrigno has said.

Whoopi Goldberg

The Academy Award winner and cohost of The View says that she wears hearing aids. She attributes her hearing loss to years of exposure to loud music and warns others about hearing loss. In 2015 she was quoted, “Stop it in its tracks because not being able to hear is a bit of a b–ch. I can tell you that from experience,”.

We are lucky to have famous personalities advocate such an important message, to correct hearing loss before it gets worse. There is nothing wrong with correcting one’s hearing, and these individuals are proof that you can live a successful lifestyle regardless of hearing impairment, if you visit an audiologist and safeguard your hearing. To find an audiologist near you visit our website to schedule an appointment today.