How To Identify Hearing Loss In Children and How It Affects Them At School

  • August 18, 2016
How To Identify Hearing Loss In Children and How It Affects Them At School

Going back to school is both hectic and exciting time of year! Getting supplies, buying new clothes, connecting with new and old friends… one thing we don’t connect with this time of year is having to deal with the effects of hearing loss. This should certainly raise concerns in parents especially since hearing loss can potentially have damaging effects on a child’s ability to learn and succeed through out the school year. Back to school

Here are some warning signs that parents or guardians should not ignore. If your child:

  1. Missing assignments or homework?
  2. Not able to understand the teacher?
  3. Lonely or sad?
  4. Glaring at you when you speak directly to them?
  5. Unable to take notes in class?

If you do suspect that your child is suffering from some sort of hearing loss the fist thing you should do is take your child to a hearing health care provider to have a hearing evaluation conducted. If hearing loss is found, sit down with the school to outline a plan and accommodations through their disability services.

Our hearing health care providers will help you determine what the real issue is and will continue to support your child’s needs throughout the school year. To find the location nearest you that offers pediatric care please contact us with your current location and we will point you in the right direction.

We are wishing all students and happy, healthy, and successful school year!