Baseball Players with Hearing Loss

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Baseball season is in full swing! Throughout history there have been many deaf players who made a place for themselves in the league. Here’s a list of some players that overcame their hearing difficulties in the league through out history.

Edward Dundon played in the 1800’s for Columbus Buckeye in the American Association, which at that time was the equivalent of the major leagues. He played various positions and was reported to be responsible for introducing hand signals to baseball.

William Hoy is the most famous deaf baseball player. He still holds a spot in the top twenty record for stealing over 600 bases in his career. Most agree that he was the first person in the majors to hit a grand slam. He had over 2,000 hits in his career with a life average of around .290.

Luther Taylor pitched nine seasons in the major leagues in 1904, he earned many wins for the NY Giants. At one point, he played against William Hoy which still holds as the only time in MLB history when two deaf players faced off. In that particular game, the Giants won 5-3. In later years Taylor ended up coaching at the Illinois School for the Deaf.

Curtis Pride entered the big leagues early in life at age 17, he played as an outfielder and designated hitter for six teams over the span of his career.